Mobile Tweeting – Who Wins – Iphone or Blackberry?

May 13th, 2009 |

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Let’s face it, not everyone can be in front of their PC or laptop all day, everyday.  And we all have needs that need to be met…Twitter needs.  So what phones provide the best option for tweeting on the go?  Let’s take a look at two of the biggest phones on the market right now.

Apple Iphone

There is no doubt that the Iphone is a huge success.  Apple’s ingenious approach to allow application developments has paved the way for various innovative uses for the phone.  Aside from the touch screen interface, this phone has lots of great features.

The Iphone has alot of Twitter applications to choose from.  Many are available for free and the paid apps can cost up to around $10.  There are lots of reviews that have been created about most of the apps.  Before you buy one, you have plenty of options to research the app.

The free apps are usually more stripped down in regards to features and functionality, while the paid apps have more bells and whistles.  Not that any of the more popular apps are extremely expensive, it all comes down to what features are necessary for your Twitter experience when you are away from the computer.  Some of the more notable Iphone Apps for Twitter are Tweetie, Twitterfon, Twittelator Pro, and Tweeter.

The Blackberry

Users of Blackberries are notorious for texting.  Many end up with “Blackberry Thumb” as a result from over texting.  So it is no surprise that Blackberry users have some nice applications to choose from to engage with Twitter on the go.

Some of the more notable Blackberry apps are free to use and come with some great features.  Twitterberry and Tiny Twitter are among the more popular Blackberry applications for Twitter.  Both of these apps will send tweets through your data plan instead of racking up expensive SMS fees.

So Who Wins?

It is all going to come down to preference.  While some people are die hard Blackberry users, while others are Iphone lovers.  I would advise you to ask around and research each phone and available apps.  Better yet, if you know someone with an Iphone or Blackberry that tweets on their phone, ask them if you can try it out.

So what is your preference on the best mobile device for tweeting on the go?  The Iphone?  Blackberry? Or maybe another mobile device?

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  • Henre

    Uhm, Tiny Twitter works beautifully on Windows Mobile as well, not to mention a better app in Twikini on Windows Mobile that puts Tiny Twitter to shame.

    Odd that Windows Mobile isn't among your list. Probably not cool enough, right?

  • Chris Maddox

    Uber Twitter for Blackberry puts Twitterberry to shame and is much more stable as well.

  • Rrabano

    Hmmmm. Thats' a big help.

  • David Reinhardt

    Chris is right, UberTwitter puts Twitterberry to shame. But in the device 'wars' I reckon there's much more choice on the iPhone platform and the apps seem to be much 'prettier'.

    S60 has even worse apps, certainly in terms of free apps. Tweets60 is the only freeware one I know of, it's pretty good but a choice of one is limited.

  • Gareth O’ Neill

    Since TweetDeck for the iPhone became available for me there’s only one winner :-)

  • twittleydotcom (Twittley)

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