Increase sales from social media with ReClickd

January 29th, 2015 |

Tech startup ReClickd has big plans to create a “powerful” social media management and incentives platform for companies accepting payments through Stripe. We caught up with the team at ReClickd and discussed how they are planning to approach the marketplace with their new product launch in the coming months. The team are very keen to take a new approach to what other platforms are currently offering in the social space.

The startup’s platform will allow individuals and businesses of any size to engage with their customers and understand their social community better. Integrated with major social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Providing tools to help customers understand and measure the outcome of their social marketing efforts and see the results they are yielding. ReClickd aims to help saas and ecommerce businesses increase sales from their social media networks.

Co-founder, Owen, shared his thoughts on why ReClickd will help businesses increase their social productivity.

“Adding a personal touch to a social media management platform helps to ensure users will enjoy and want to use the system on a daily basis. We have considered a multitude of features and UX (user-experience) strategies to ensure our platform is enjoyable and engaging for our end-users and customers. We believe the success of a company’s social presence relies upon the people and culture that are driving it forward and if we can supply them with a platform that adds a personal feel combined with an array of powerful tools they will ultimately gain better results!”

As social media becomes increasingly important for businesses it is systems like ReClickd that will help to define how companies utilise these ever-growing social networks of people to grow their online reputation and win over new customers.

Statistics have shown that over 60% of customers interact with a company or brand’s social media to seek customer service, instead of phone or email. Social media is a great place for companies to show their customer service attributes publicly and as this number continues to grow the shift towards social will be hugely important for businesses to embrace.

Customers also feel more connected to brands if they have an active social presence. Many fans and followers of active social companies have said they feel closer to the brand and even personally involved in the journey when they are told about product updates and the latest releases. It is important for brands to interact with their target audience socially as it breaks down barriers, builds trust and gives the company a public voice.

Ainsley, Co-founder added “As we develop this platform we have been focused on not only creating something of great value with tons of features but a product that is simple, intuitive and fun to use. We believe Stripe is one of the best payment infrastructures available for building something scalable online and some of the most innovative companies and startups are using their services, we are excited to provide value to those companies socially”

They will be providing the product to a selection of partners and early adopters who apply for the early access program, this will help them to gain feedback and implement changes before they officially launch.

The guys are excited to get the platform shipped out and trialled by early adopters, they see a lot of “potential” in the social incentives and commerce space. While the social space has some strong competitors, ReClickd is confident their offering will provide customers with great value for money and a feature-rich system.

Is your Saas or eCommerce business built on Stripe? Get early access to ReClickd!

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All about Infographics and their Importance in Marketing

January 26th, 2015 |

A visitor takes approximately 50 milliseconds to form an impression of a website, 2.6 seconds to rate it and the next 10 seconds to decide whether to stay or leave. It has been substantiated through research that 84% views and 94% clicks on a website are driven by infographics because they constitute visual content, which also leads to a greater number of conversions of visitors to customers. Therefore, they are definitely an important element of marketing, but in order to use them effectively, it is also essential to understand them. In simple terms, infographics can be defined as visual presentations of information. Design elements are utilized for the purpose of displaying content.

The beauty of infographics is that they can be extremely useful in expressing complex messages to visitors in a way that improves their comprehension. While images are usually described as an extension or explanation of the matter of written articles, infographics are made for the purpose of conveying a self-contained principle or message. Thus, infographics can be called ‘picture books’ of data and information. Everyone is aware that visual content provides excellent performance and anyone who has doubts can look at the popularity of social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, which are solely visual-centric. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Should You Buy USA Facebook Likes?

December 15th, 2014 |

When it comes to social media sites, no one matches Facebook for the sheer number of accounts. Currently, there are over 1 billion accounts on Facebook making it far and away the most popular in social media. This means for businesses, having the ability to connect with customers on Facebook is an important part of their overall success.

As a tool to keep in touch with your customers, there is nothing that beats Facebook in terms of having the right interaction. There are thousands of businesses around the world that regularly communicate with their customers on all sorts of topics that range from new products, discounts, information in the industry and even simple chatting.

However, for many small online businesses it is difficult to make progress is gathering customers and interested parties to your account if the people who subscribe to not like your posts in sufficient amounts. For those who are interested in building up their customer base in America, there are few ways more potent than when you buy USA Facebook likes . Read the rest of this entry »

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