Beyond the Basics of Your Twitter Profile

April 9th, 2009 |

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Yesterday I explained the basics of building your twitter profile.  For some reason if you have not read it yet, please take a minute to glance over it so you can see where we left off.

Now that you have decked out your profile with a custom background, updated your profile settings and began following other tweeps, it’s time to manage your profile efficiently and effectively.  While I am not going to go into every tip & trick there is, I am going to focus on a few that can ultimately enhance your followers experience while helping you establish tweet cred among your followers.

Plug It In

One of the most popular blogging platforms is wordpress.  It is used by millions of people for various purposes.  In fact, it is the same software that is being used to power ploked.  There are many great things about wordpress, such as the vast amount of plugins available to sync up your twitter account with your wordpress site.  Below, I will outline some nice plugins I have found useful to help manage my twitter account.

Probably one of my favorite plugins is the “WordTwit” plugin.  Basically, this plugin uses the Twitter API to automatically publish any blog post you create on your wordpress powered site to your twitter account.  This plugin also changes your url to use the tinyurl link structure in order to reduce the amount of characters in your tweet.  I find this plugin very useful in keeping followers updated on the latest blog posts on ploked.  This plugin helps to keep your Twitter account updated with your latest blog posts.

Another great plugin is “TweetMeMe“.  This plugin inserts an icon into your blog post on your wordpress powered site.  Just scroll up to the top of this blog post to see it in action.  In fact, feel free to click on it to try it out.  This plugin keeps track of how many times the blog post has been retweeted on twitter.  It helps to encourage visitors an easy way to tweet your posts they find relevant with just one click.

The “TweetThis” plugin is another plugin I use to entice the retweeting of blog posts.  This plugin gives you a few options (graphically) on how to display this plugin within your blog posts.  An example this in action will be found at the end of this blog post under the various social bookmarking graphics.

Finally, I recommend the “Twitter Counter” widget.  This widget essentially displays which twitter users just visited your site.  You can easily customize the color scheme and size that it fits into your site where you would like it to.  An example of this widget in action can be found in the sidebar to the right.

One non-wordpress plugin I would like to mention is “TwitterFeed“.  TwitterFeed allows you to add RSS content from any source to your Twitter profile automatically at intervals you set.  This tool is great for adding relevant content to your Twitter followers hands free.  These tweets can help stir up more conversation between you and your followers.

Just these few plugins can help your blog become automated into Twitter as well as provide opportunities for visitors to tweet and retweet your posts.  I suggest taking a few minutes to install a few (or all) of these plugins and give them a try at tying your blog and twitter account together.

Keep in mind these automation tips mentioned should not be abused and you should still interact with your followers on a daily basis if possible.  Showing that your account is not a “bot” is a key factor in establishing your credibility and identity among the twitterverse.

Don’t Be a Beggar

So you spent some time setting up your blog, syncing it up with Twitter, and just wrote a really kick ass blog post you want to share.  By now you probably spent some time following some tweeps and met some great people so far.  Don’t get the urge to be a beggar in order to gain retweets from your list.

Remember, with the plugins/methods listed above, your blog post has already appeared as a tweet in your account.  If your blog post is really worth retweeting it will happen by those who think it is worthy.  There is no need to blast your Twitter followers with direct messages begging for them to retweet your stuff.  Becoming a constant beggar is almost a sure fire way lose followers very quickly.  I am not saying you shouldn’t ask certain followers for retweets, but if you do, be sure to do it in moderation.  You don’t want to ruin your tweet cred you have established.

Get to Work

There you have…sort of.  While this just scrapes the surface of what is possible, this should give you a great starting point to establishing yourself and your identity in Twitter in an efficient and fluid manner.  Don’t just brush off this blog post by saying, “yeah, this could work.”  You need to stop procrastinating and put things into action.

Do you have other techniques I should try or should mention here on ploked?  If so, I would like to hear what works or does not work for you.

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  • @digitalchiro

    Great post for the newbie blogger!

    Regarding Twitter, the aforementioned plugins are the absolutely essential ones. Although I don't use all of them, the majority of them are active on my blog as well and work flawlessly.

    If you don't use "TweetMeMe", then Twitterfeed is the way to go to get your post tweeted as soon as your content is published.

    I also use some Javascript in a Text Widget that pulls my most recent post into the sidebar. I prefer that over a plugin because when you start using too many plugins, it can affect the performance of WordPress.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post.

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  • Ivan | SEO Expert

    Perhaps a note at the end of the article just to confirm if all of those plugins work with the latest WordPress 2.8?

  • cheryl

    Twitterfeeds are the bane of twitter now – (along with bots). People are doing nothing but putting feeds of gathered data in and shotgunning them into twitter. Many have been lured by gurus to do this to put in URLs to CPA offers and assorted products.

    I do not consider these accounts as engaging at all. IF you reply,no one is home. Rarely am I seeing them used SPARINGLY.

    My own list, when analyzed has 13% of my followers using twitterfeeds…and this was AFTER my culling my list. THIS is not what twitter was meant to be.

    Twiterfeed be da*ned!


  • Samuel Clemons

    we can also establish relationships with other bloggers, and post links to their blog posts; without actually “begging” per se, they will reciprocate. now of course there are the narcissists, and the selfish, who won't and in those instances, we don't have to retweet their blog posts again, do we?

    also creating a list of bloggers who you follow promotes them, and maybe they will promote you.

    i have a list of “Secret Mayan Connections” of my favorite twersons on twitter, set up as a separate page apart from “Home” or blog entries in addition to a widget both containing bloggers.

    lastly, i include hyperlinks to twitter, wordpress, blogger, digg and other profile pages actually within the articles and vary my writing content to include stuff from other bloggers as well, IE: “today, i was reading @PiperBayard s blog…”

    Samuel Clemons Editor/Author Tweeting from my Ferret Burrow