Facebook Adds Embedded Live Stream Widget

June 25th, 2009 |

Facebook Live Stream

The latest addition to the Facebook feature family allows websites to include a ‘live chat’ box. This allows visitors to the website to participate in a conversation around the host page’s content. It doesn’t stop there though as the conversation is then fed back to the user’s Facebook stream which is then viewable by all of their Facebook buddies.

Here’s what they say about it on the Facebook developer blog:

“Today, we’re excited to launch the Facebook Live Stream Box as a feature that any website owner or developer can use to enable Facebook users to connect, share, and post updates in real-time as they witness an event online. You can run the Live Stream Box next to live streaming videos of concerts, speeches, sporting events, webcasts, TV shows, presentations, or webinars. Or run the Live Stream Box in multi-player games, or with any other experience where many people are visiting a website at the same time. The Live Stream Box is built for scale and can handle millions of simultaneous viewers updating in real-time.”


Twitter has various live chat tools one of which includes Tweetizen, which allows website owners to create a group using certain filters or even based on hashtags. This group can then be embedded in to any site, creating a community discussion area. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rob Murray