Down and Out in Brokelyn! Interview with Faye Penn, Editor of, Offers Up Cheap Tricks

January 26th, 2010 |

Penny Pinchers Unite! Save your “I can’t afford to” speech, the totally annoying excuse for not doing ANYTHING GOOD since Little Bush moseyed back to Texas and left us all scrapping for change. We have all had to make some sacrifices; for me it was my weekends filled with Bloody Mary brunches.

If Netflix is your only financially sound entertainment expense, and your food pyramid consists of 3 parts cereal, 2 parts soup, and 2 parts samples from tables at Trader Joe’s,     it might be time to check into With tons of tipsters scouting for deals and an army of frugal-friendly writers, this site is a bounty of thrifty picks that will make your meager budget look like you hit the goddamned lottery.

I got to interrogate the editor, Faye Penn, about how it all started: Read the rest of this entry »

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Rocky Mills