A Twitter Runs Through It: A MySpace Reduction?

October 19th, 2009 |
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If a tree harboring a bird’s nest fell on MySpace, would anyone be around to hear the tweets?

That is the question the release of the Twitter Sync Official App a month ago on September 21st sought to override in the coming weeks. According to Complete.com statistics via Mashable, MySpace lost over five million unique visitors to the site between August and September. Oddly enough, I’ve recently seen some “friends” add new photos to their albums albeit visiting the site with minimal regularity, as if dressing up their profiles in preparation for digital burial. While these statistics may hold little surprise for the many who’ve expatriated to Facebook, it begs the question of what the much hyped Twitter sync app actually accomplished for the site over the last few weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lauren Cannon

Will MySpace Become Empty Space?

August 11th, 2009 |
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“Hi, my name is Jeff, and I am on MySpace.”myspace_logo_resize_final

I’m not ashamed to admit I have MySpace.  I even check it every so often to make sure it’s still there. And no, the site’s not terrible; it functions quite well. So, why am I not there instead of Facebook? Because I am a lemming, and I go where my friends go. I have three friends total on MySpace, including that Tom guy who shows up everywhere. I read about the changes MySpace was making to become competitive, and when I logged in a couple days ago, there were tons of new features and backgrounds, better search functions, including a local search (restaurants, bands, etc). The Music Section is still top-notch, and there are still millions of users globally.

To me, MySpace is a much more relaxed and comfortable place; Facebook is like the school where everyone had to wear the same uniform. People that I’ve met over the years claim that they stay on MySpace because their boss and their parents aren’t online with them, and the site has greater adaptability in terms of customized page layouts. The other difference is that on MySpace, you can ‘friend’ someone that you would like to know; on Facebook, that’s just not the way things are done. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis

Not All Advice Is Golden

July 30th, 2009 |
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There are Social Media enthusiasts, Social Media Professionals, and those so called “Exthusiasts;” half expert, half enthusiast. If you are knowledgeable regarding Social Media, one thing that is continually stressed is to make sure that the content you are providing is relevant to your readers. Professional bloggers suggest, in numerous cases, that the best way to provide relevant content is via a list, such as “10 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid,” or “Five Methods to Gain Twitter Followers.”

Speaking from personal experience, these lists are either very helpful, exposing readers to new tools or methods of increasing readers, or they’re pretty much worthless. Social Media’s strength is providing relevant, fresh, and interesting information at little or no cost to readers. The problem with this is that we are now inundated with great information that is never read. What I mean by this is that when we are skimming blogs or Social Media sites for interesting items that will aid our own Social Media efforts, it is nearly impossible to read everything we come across. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis