A Twitter Runs Through It: A MySpace Reduction?

October 19th, 2009 |

If a tree harboring a bird’s nest fell on MySpace, would anyone be around to hear the tweets?

That is the question the release of the Twitter Sync Official App a month ago on September 21st sought to override in the coming weeks. According to Complete.com statistics via Mashable, MySpace lost over five million unique visitors to the site between August and September. Oddly enough, I’ve recently seen some “friends” add new photos to their albums albeit visiting the site with minimal regularity, as if dressing up their profiles in preparation for digital burial. While these statistics may hold little surprise for the many who’ve expatriated to Facebook, it begs the question of what the much hyped Twitter sync app actually accomplished for the site over the last few weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lauren Cannon

Twitter Application Site Receives Cease & Desist From Twitter

August 12th, 2009 |

MyTwitterButler.com has posted on their site that they received a letter from Twitter claiming several violations of the Twitter terms of service.  The details including a PDF of the letter sent to the site owner can be viewed here.  While the site owner claims they are being sued, that does not yet appear to be the case.  In fact, the PDF outlines the various violations this site has in regards to Twitter and their terms of service.

Site Background

A quick background on MyTwitterButler is that they sell a desktop application to help Twitter users get more followers.  Twitter has been known to be against “aggressive following” and it appears that is what they consider this application to do.  While Twitter never clearly defines what “aggressive following” is, it leaves it up to speculation of the developers and users. Looking at the developer terms of service, it simply says:

Do not create a bot to promote mass following. Twitter enables users to find and connect with people. Mass following does not help users find interesting connections. Applications found to be promoting valueless mass-following or following-ponzi schemes will be promptly blacklisted. So please, spend your time developing something that helps users find people with interesting connections.

As you can see, the definition of “mass following” is not clearly defined. However, alot of Twitter activity is based on third party apps that make the use of Twitter more efficient.  What is the real difference if you manually go through the Twitter search to find new users to add based on your interests/keyword opposed to using an application that automates the process for you?  You can save countless hours with the help of an application that does this.  In fact, MyTwitterButler allows you to search for users based on keywords. Therefore, I would think this application could be classified as “something that helps users find people with interesting connections” in reference to the last sentence quoted above. Read the rest of this entry »

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