Useful Social Media Marketing Strategies

April 30th, 2009 |

Unfortunately in the world of Social Media, there is no defined right way to go about implementing your social media marketing plan.  The strategy of your plan will have numerous variables such as:

  1. Overall Goals – Are you looking to increase SEO, brand recognition, targeted traffic, conversions, etc.?
  2. Finding Peeps – Where can you go online to find the majority of your targeted demographic?
  3. Available Manpower – Are you a one man (or woman) show?  Or do you have people you can outsource to?  Maybe you work for a company who has staff on hand to assist?

In a perfect world, you would clone yourself since you know exactly what you would like to happen within your social media campaign.  However, we are far from a perfect world (I am not saying I am into cloning – completely different subject), so in reality, we are limited by time and resources.

Depending on your resources, you may need to determine which methods or tactics below to focus on and implement into your overall marketing plan. Read the rest of this entry »

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