Finding a Social Media “Guru”

May 24th, 2010 |

Social media isn’t just a “place for friends;” it’s a place for business. In fact, solid proof exists that social media campaigns grow more than leads or traffic, but increase sales as well.  (I recently wrote an article documenting increased sales as a direct result of social media campaigns.)

As more success stories are published, companies that haven’t already gravitated toward social media will begin to do so. This will increase the need for social media managers

There’s only one university of which I’m aware that offers a social media degree. The one-year, full-time, $6,500 program will get you a Master’s degree. However, some online sources doubt the program’s depth. A smattering of online colleges offer social media degrees (i.e., University of San Francisco), but I wasn’t able to find any data on the programs’ success (or lack-thereof).

The problem is multi-layered, the first hurdle being a shortage of  social media “masters” capable of teaching social media engagement in-depth; according to Traffickd, there are at least 475 active social media sites (ironically, two sites that I use regularly aren’t on the list…). Complicating matters further, social media is like shifting sand; a course curriculum in February is obsolete as soon as it’s printed.  These are endemic issues with tech companies, and until there’s a standard, companies that wish to increase their social media prowess will struggle to find knowledgeable social media managers who can not only drive results, but also add value to the organization. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis

Want to Search for Images in Real-Time? Try a Twitter App.

January 21st, 2010 |

Whether a daily social media user or someone just getting acquainted with social media, you’re no doubt familiar with the concept of real-time search. If not, the definition is simply the ability to view information as soon as it’s composed, with virtually no delay between publication and viewing. Twitter is the best example of real-time search and the first real-time application to gain widespread acceptance. Once a tweet is posted, it’s instantly available for all to view.

If you see an area on Google automatically scrolling, don’t be alarmed. Google is now offering real-time search results as part of its services, not to mention the infamous Google Wave application which is still in invitation-only beta. Microsoft’s Bing has also jumped on the real-time search bandwagon. Facebook purchased real-time search provider FriendFeed last year in their effort to update Facebook’s instant search capabilities.

As real-time search has evolved, application providers have written code for Twitter that capitalizes on the site’s popular photo-sharing capabilities and provides images in real-time.  Simply, it’s a steady stream of images gleaned from every single tweet that publishes an image. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis

Twitter Introducing a Better Way To Retweet

August 18th, 2009 |

One of the biggest gripes of retweeting on Twitter is the fact, by default, there has not been an easy “one click” way of retweeting a tweet.  If you find a tweet worthy of being retweeted, you would need to copy the original tweet and paste it into your status box.  Then you also have to put “RT @username” in front of the tweet.  Sounds like an oversight on the earlier development of Twitter, but they are now stepping up to correct this tedious oversight.

Twitter is implementing a retweet function that will make the retweeting process alot easier.  An announcement appeared in the Twitter Blog detailing the initial phase of the project.  Read the rest of this entry »

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