PitchCake Gives Brands Fresh Ideas Straight from their Customers

July 18th, 2012 |

Coming up with a tagline and marketing messaging is tough. But who better to ask than your customers? That’s where PitchCake comes in. PitchCake is a new app that lets people compete in pitch challenges for their favorite products, causes and debates. Challenges are sponsored by brands looking for new, creative ways to pitch their products and services.

It’s free to compete and hosting a challenge starts at $35 (most of the cost goes to the prize pool). Brands publish a short brief, then people submit their pitches to the PitchCake engine to see who is the best. PitchCake rates pitches on how convincing, approachable and knowledgeable you sound.For brands, it’s a great tool for ideation, engagement and exposure. For individuals, it’s a handy tool for practicing sales pitches, getting ready for job interviews or just having fun. Read the rest of this entry »

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