Internet Week, NYC! The Webby Awards, A Monster Mash…able Summit, and More

May 14th, 2010 |

The 4th Annual Internet Week NYC starts on Monday, June 7th.  If you didn’t get your VIP invite to The Webby’s, there are many other ways for all of us nerds to join in the fun. Internet Week NYC, launched in 2008, is presented by The Academy of Digital Arts and Science. Anyone from big businesses to individual bloggers are allowed to attend and host events under the Internet Week banner. The week long festival has been picking up speed each year and this year has secured the massive Metropolitan Pavillion as its headquarters (note the addition of HQ at the end of Internet Week NYC) which will accommodate larger events that require interactive media space.

Webby award winning and prestigious bookmarked site, Mashable, is a major player for social media content and an all around awesome web publisher. Unfortunately, for those of us financially challenged, Mash isn’t holding another free Exhibit Hall like last year’s, complete with food and drink. This time around, Mashable has teamed up with CNN for their first Mashable Media Summit, a full day focusing on the impact of social media in news, branding, and advertising industries. An in-depth conference with a number of experts in social media and other mediums will speak, including  Foursquare co-founder, Dennis Crowley.  A discussion on branding will be lead by Chris Bruzzo from Starbucks. Mashable Media Summit Tickets are still available for about $500, which includes breakfast, kosher lunch, and a wine and networking closing event. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rocky Mills

Yahoo! Tells Google to Diversify…?!

April 30th, 2010 |

Yahoo.LogoYahoo! suggesting business strategies to Google is like Goldman Sachs advising Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) on how to invest successfully. Not only is Yahoo! behind Google in nearly every category (email, search engine capabilities, online apps, etc.), but even their name sounds like a joke when compared to competitors.

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Yahoo! has some great offerings; their small business site hosting is fantastic, and their analytics are simple to understand and use. Yet, other than those two products, I don’t tend to use Yahoo! very often. Google, for me, has pretty much invaded my online world.

GOOGLE.LOGLThus, when I read that Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz has spurned Google for their “lack of diversity,” I was a bit taken aback. I then thought that maybe Bartz was just being tricky, trying to throw Google off their game. The reason I say this is because the criticism stemmed from her opinion that the search engine giant was too focused on search. Huh? Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis

Social Media Sexcapades

February 16th, 2010 |

Never, ever, tweet after sex. Sleeping with members of the same “twibe” is not a good idea. Don’t make a list called “Tweeters I’d Like to Bang,” and ask people to follow it.

Are these the new rules of social media sexcapades?

Social Media “Beats” Porn

How will we know when social media is really embedded into our everyday lives? When it begins to affect our sex lives. Of course, sex on the internet is nothing new. Since the first days of BBS’s, Prodigy, and those dirty AOL chat rooms, cyber sex has been a cultural reality. Then Craigslist emerged and broke down all the remaining barriers, bringing online sex into the real world. Now, social media is beginning to reshape not only our professional and personal lives, it’s threatening to remake our sex lives as well. It was telling that social media sites recently overtook porn sites as the most visited sites on the web.

Of course, most people are still incredibly uncomfortable with the intersection of their offline and online worlds. In particular, many women I’ve spoken to are squeamish about certain services, especially real time geo-location based apps like Foursquare which broadcast a user’s location, address, and even who that user is with, for all the world to see. (Of course what is lost in this conversation is the fact that Foursquare is a double opt-in service, whereby both you and your “friends” have to agree to be connected. One can also limit which services receive pings.)

Poke Me? Just Blow Me

Now that Facebook has been invaded by Americans of all ages, a poke may just mean a poke, but for some time, a poke was its own unique psycho-sexual initiation. Was it an invitation to simply poke back, or did it carry a more loaded intention? We’re all guilty of Facebook “cruising” – browsing pictures of people we have just met, or old friends, looking for those divine pictures of people on vacation, tanned, drunk and nearly naked, checking if people have lost or gained weight, what guys or girls keep showing up in our friends’ photos, revealing problematic ex’s.

There is a stigma associated with taking online flirtations into the realm of the real. Why though? Read the rest of this entry »

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Zachary Adam Cohen