10 Commandments For Standing Out in The Instant Age

July 29th, 2009 |


Bill Boorman is a recruitment veteran with 27 years experience & self confessed social media amateur. Connect with Bill on Twitter, his Weekly Radio Show, or at the Bill Boorman site.

I’m a self-confessed social media amateur and a twitter addict. It started when I started hanging around with a techy crowd and now it’s taken over. We live in the instant age. Message and branding has to have instant impact, websites are dated in a week and it’s a full time job just keeping up with the terminology. We now speak a whole new language and have had to learn on the hoof how to communicate a clear message.

In my business I’ve been developing the SM channels for the last 6 months and have managed to integrate this as central to our sales, marketing and delivery plan. (We deliver consultancy and training to recruitment Businesses.). From this I have 10 commandments to pass on when deciding on social media strategy that I hope will help you in choosing your path:

  1. Before you do anything determine that you have products or services you can sell on-line. Without something to sell, it will be nothing but a distraction.
  2. Set up “destination points.” All your time invested in areas like twitter need to be leading somewhere as a point of reference. I recommend a linked in profile completed to 100% and a web site or community to draw customers in.
  3. Blog every week somewhere. I favour a mix of your own blog and guest blogging in your market place. This way you not only reach your own followers but the followers of others, some of whom will choose to follow you also.
  4. Comment often particularly on your clients blogs. Not just “I thought that was great!” add something to the discussion and include your contact details. The more often you comment, the more followers you will attract.
  5. Followers doesn’t equal customers. There are 4 types of followers: 1)Your target market 2)Influencers who won’t or can’t buy from you but will spread your message 3)Your competitors that are keeping an eye 4)Collectors who are motivated by building giant lists of no relevance (more ego than value in my view.)  Identify the first two and concentrate your conversations with these groups.
  6. Put a person on the end. People communicate (engage) not robots. In the instant society you need an instant answer or a question as well as original responses. Would you rather talk to a receptionist or an automated response when you call a supplier? The same applies in SM.
  7. Be prepared to help others. Get to know what your followers do and introduce them when a need arises, as well as offering your own help where you can. This builds reputation, and in turn engagement.
  8. Blend your message. You need to include video, audio and written word to communicate your message. Followers will have their own preference, give them their own choice.
  9. Have a personal conversation as soon as possible. Look to have personal contact at every opportunity moving from e-mail to face mail. Conversation personalizes the relationship and enables you to connect.
  10. Review your strategy, measure the time you’re spending against the return you want. Without review you will get lost. Don’t expect a quick return; it takes about 6 months before you will notice real wins. The investment is worth it as long as you followed step 1!

The investment is worth it. Is Your social media campaign abiding by the 10 Commandments?

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Bill Boorman