Twitter #Hashtags Explained

April 7th, 2009 |

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If you have been on twitter and developed any sort of following, you might have noticed the use of the #hashtag.  Sure it might look like someone accidentally typed something in on their tweet by hitting the # symbol, but really they are helping to make twitter easier to use.  The hashtag helps tweeps follow a particular topic.

Think of hashtags as being “tags” you use on social bookmarking sites or even flickr to describe what you are submitting.  The hashtags on twitter are simply word(s) being used to describe the topic/subject at hand in brevity.

By placing a # infront of a phrase, word, or acronym such as #mlb (Major League Baseball), it creates a searchable component that can followed or searched on twitter.  The hashtag helps tweeps organize and search tweets.  These hashtags are also great to use to increase brand visibility, note particular events, people, and more.

An easy way to see twitter hashtags in action is to simply login to your twitter account.  Chances are that someone you are following tweeted utilizing a hashtag.  Simply click on the hashtag and you will notice it takes you to the twitter search showing all tweets with that hashtag.  From the results page, you can see all the recent tweets using this hashtag.

So how do you get started using hashtags?  It’s quite simple.  Just follow the step outlined below.

  1. Add a hashtag (#) in front of your keyword tag at the end of your tweet.  For example your tweet would look like this “reading a great new social media blog #socialmedia #ploked

That is pretty much it.  Hashtags have evolved somewhat since tweeps started using them, so they have become pretty mainstream and are now easier to use than previously.

One great resource to track hashtags in realtime is  Here the latest hashtags are updated instantly…you don’t even have to be logged into twitter to see what the latest tweets are about!

So are you utilizing hashtags in your tweets?  Do you find them helpful in searching twitter for what you are looking for?

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