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July 8th, 2009 |


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Monitoring your brand or website on Twitter is crucial to the success of any person or business.  One problem everyone has is figuring out who or what is being tweeted about your site.  Nearly all tweets on Twitter contain shortened URL’s which makes it difficult to keep tabs on what is being tweeted that concerns your site.

Everyone Tweets Differently

While there are common tweeting formats that are followed by most Twitter users, such as using “@yourusername” in a tweet referring to you or your site, there are many who simply add or create their own text or response, then post the link to your site.  If these users choose to use their own URL shortener and also fail to put “@yourusername” in the tweet, chances are you will not have any idea something has been tweeted about your site.

The majority of users who monitor their online brand in Twitter do so through search.twitter.com RSS feed for their name/site.  If users do not mention your site name or brand name in the tweet, then Twitter search will not display the results.  This can make it very difficult to truly track your brand.

Don’t Fret, There is an Easy Solution

The solution to this dilemna is solved by a simple, yet effective website called BackTweets.  The beauty of this site is that it allows you to search for your site URL and the results displayed will un-shorten all shortened links in tweets that link to your site.  It does not matter what URL shortening service someone uses when tweeting about your site, BackTweets will resolve all shortened URL’s to display the ones pointing to your site.

Monitor Your Brand on Twitter

Backtweets works similar to Twitter search in that it updates in real time should you leave the browser window open.  You can check back periodically to see if there are any new tweets about your site.

However, a really cool feature of Backtweets is that you can create an RSS feed of your search results and get the feed into your favorite RSS feed reader.  This will allow you to truly stay on top of what is being tweeted about your site or brand.

Are you using BackTweets to monitor your brand on Twitter?

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