Use Twitter for Customer Testimonials

June 4th, 2009 |

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Twitter is a great way to offer a more intimate online interaction with your clients and customers.  By intimate, I mean on a “one on one” conversation with each other.  This connection allows for a great opportunity to further the credibility of your business in relation to customer satisfaction of your product or service.

This is pretty easy to accomplish in that you can simply post the question on your Twitter account.  By asking your followers what they think about the new product or service they purchased can lead to alot of testimonials for your business.  You can use these testimonials on your site or salespage to further your credibility of your service.

These testimonials can provide a valuable asset to your business in helping persuade potential customers to order your product or service.  A positive review can be exactly what someone needs to drive them to purchase from you.

However, before you jump on Twitter to solicit testimonials you need to be pretty sure you offer a superior product or service.  If you are in anyway shady with your customers, soliciting for reviews or feedback on Twitter could be a road you will not want to travel down.  This could lead to a snowball effect of negative reviews for you and your business….and we all know how well negative news travels compared to positive news.

While you can probably think of clever ways to go about asking for testimonials on Twitter, the basic approach should work just fine in most cases depending on the nature of your business.  Before you put a positive testimonial on your site, I would advise asking for permission from the person who gave the testimonial as some people don’t like their names publicly displayed.

Twitter is a great tool for your business, not only in creating leads and referrals for your business, but as stated above it can be great for soliciting testimonials for your products and services.  Have you used Twitter yet to gain testimonials for your site?

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