How Many Hours Do You Spend On Social Media Each Day?

May 27th, 2009 |

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We are all the same in that we only get 24 hours each day to work with.  How we choose to use those 24 hours is up entirely up to ourselves.  Whether you like to sleep 8 hours everyday, work for 8 hours a day, watch TV for a couple of hours, or doing whatever you want; the choice is ours to make in how we spend our time.

Out of those 24 hours, how much of it do you spend on social media sites?  For some, social media sites are a way to keep in touch with old friends, while others it is a way to drive targeted traffic to their business.  Social media sites are tricky in that you can really get lost down a rabbit hole if you are focused on what you are trying to accomplish, which can ultimately lead to hours a day being spent on the various social media sites.

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