ViralTag Review by Rob Griffin: Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content

December 19th, 2015 |

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Among the different kinds of marketing strategies out there, one of the most effective one is the visual content marketing and Viraltag is one of the services focusing on it. It is a service that would help businesses with their social media efforts. Thus, it can be truly beneficial for many business owners when it comes to one of the most important factor in their success, which is marketing their products, services and even their brands.


  • Free trial

It includes a free trial version. Thus, the customers could get to try it out first before they decide on availing the plan or not. Moreover, the trial version is free and thus, it could be used without the need of spending money on it. They just need to go to the website and then click on the “start a free trial” button and register.

  • Posts scheduling

With it, people have the power to schedule the time and the date that they wanted a certain post to be publish. That way, they would be able to publish their posts on time and so, their brand consumers and consumers would be able to be updated about them.

  • Discover

This is a great feature of the Viraltag for it provides people with images that are always ready for them to use. These images could be posted instantly. Moreover, one would surely be able to find the one that they need for there are tons of images that are user generated that they could share.


  • It can help in growing brands

Many people might not know about it but the visual content is indeed very powerful. It is because images, videos and other contents could be integrated in it. Moreover, it was also said that it is more powerful than a content marketing strategy that is based on text alone. Visual content are also easy to share in various platforms including the social media channels. Thus, it could truly help in growing brands.

  • Popular and large brands are already using it

It is one of the things that prove how effective Viraltag is for if not, then these popular and large brands would not even spend their money on it. Some of the brands who have made use of it are Lacoste, Dicovery channel, HEARST corporation just to name a few. Many people might have probably heard about them.

  • Editing and deleting post is possible

Unlike other platforms where people would not be able to make some changes on their publish posts, the Viraltag allows them to do so. Therefore, there is no need for the brands to worry about making mistakes since they could always fix them. They could edit their posts to make it become better and make it look more appealing to their target audience. On the other hand, in case they have uploaded something by accident, they could also delete it.

  • Recent posts as well as failed posts can be seen

They would be able to see the recent posts they have made. That way, they would be able to check the things that they have already uploaded. On the other hand, the failed posts could also be seen and because of that, they would be able to see whether they have already published all the things they wanted to publish and at the same time, they could publish those failed posts again.

  • Managing all contents in a single place is possible

It would be so messy of the visual contents are scattered everywhere and that is why Viraltag wanted to make all of these contents organized. They could manage different contents from Flickr, Dropbox, social media account and even from Google Drive in their custom dashboard. Moreover, with the custom social analytics and website traffic, the content’s success could be measured.


  • Paid plans

In order for one to avail of their plans, there is a need for them to pay monthly. However, the monthly payment would also depend on the usage volume and features selected by the user. On the other hand, with these plans, one would be able to enjoy its full benefits.

Customer Review:

The users truly love Viraltag for it helped them in managing and maintaining their schedule. One of the things that they like about it is that it shows them their scheduled posts as well as when it would be published. Moreover, they also like the fact that the published posts can also be deleted and edited whenever they wanted. Some of the users also said that it has helped them know what is going on in each social media sites in a convenient manner.

Overall, Viraltag is a great tool for sharing images from different places. It has been created to provide power to the users when it comes to controlling and gaining ownership of their content as well as data. That is probably why it is garnering a lot of attention and interest.

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