Things to look for when hiring a Social Media Agency in Singapore

October 19th, 2015 |

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Anybody with at least and idea on how to run a business will say that marketing is one of the most important aspects if one ever hopes to succeed in Singapore. Today, the easiest way to market a product or business is on the internet, more specifically on social media. For this reason, business owners today are looking for the best social media agency in Singapore who can better market their businesses.

As mentioned before, marketing is a crucial component in any business and as such, it is very important that one picks the best suited agency for their marketing needs. So, how does one decide what agency to hire? Below are the things to look for before making this all-important decision.


Much like a new employee, a business may want to gauge its performance in the past. To be able to do this, the agency can provide an individual with a list of a few clients they have worked with, are they doing better than they were before, worse, or are they at the same point where they began? From this, it is possible to discern what one can expect from the agency.

Process for Content Development

Anybody can advertise, but what sets apart a good social media agency Singapore is how they develop content for particular brands, products or businesses. The content should mainly be based on research. For example, which group does the product appeal to most, how is the product viewed socially speaking and so on. Taking such factors into account will help the agency better come up with good content and ultimately appeal to a larger group.

Measuring success

Other than increase or decrease in sales, it is difficult for you as the employer to determine what effect, if any, the agency has had on a business. A good agency should be able to provide their clients with periodical reports on the performance of its posts in the attempt to popularize their businesses. They can show them which posts have had the best results and even those that have had a negative impact. Otherwise, without such reports, it will not be possible to keep track of the effectiveness of the agency’s efforts.

Quality or Quantity?

All business owners should be on the lookout for agencies that offer thousands of new follower in just days, unless they are looking to spend as low as they can, such agencies are not a good way to go. If a business is to gain greater success, it is best that they opt for an agency that promises a true fan base. It is thus important to choose an agency that can give the business solid followers who can give their opinions on their products and help them make improvements or changes where they are needed.

Community management

Coming up with great content and posting it online is all well and good, but what happens next? Assuming a business has garnered loyal fans who are frequently commenting or providing correspondence, how does the agency relate with them? The business should ask for, and receive at least a few parts of their process when it comes to interacting with their clients or potential clients.

It is also important that as much time as possible to be spent on their account. Make an inquiry into the community manager’s workload in the form of the number of accounts he or she handles. The fewer it is, the better.

Education and evolution

As is the case with most, if not all internet related activities, trends and techniques are constantly changing, which means it is very easy for an agency to get left behind. A good agency should engage its employees in forums, conferences and training in new and better methods to serve its clients. Which, if any, does the agency participate in?


It is one thing for someone to tell another what to do or how to do something, but an entirely different thing for them to do it themselves. Is the agency that the business is looking to hire active on any social media platform itself? This may seems obvious or look like a relatively small issue, but it may prove the difference if a business finds itself torn between agencies.

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