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WP Clickster-Product Introduction

The WP Clickster is a product that has been developed to provide internet users with the opportunity to come up with a comprehensive website which one can use to promote and market their products and services. Just by getting this product, one will be guaranteed of a relatively easier time coming up with a WordPress website as well as installing the appropriate WordPress plugins that will be instrumental in the effective running of the website.

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WP Clickster-About the author

Bramantya Farid is the man behind the successful development of this product. With the amount of experience Farid has in the product development and especially so with WordPress products, he has been able to put together all that experience in providing the internet users with information and skills on how to develop effective websites, a fact which can be confirmed by the numerous WP Clickster Reviews.

WP Clickster-Features

  • One click automation feature. Just like its name suggests, this feature simply guarantees the user the opportunity to have it all done with one click.
  • Simple to use. No technical skills will be required for one to develop their website. Even a person with no website design skills will be in a position to use the WP Clickster on their own without even having to consult a professional in the web design and development field.
  • Multi page creator. With this feature the user will be in a position to create all the relevant pages in one’s websites. These pages are optimized to ensure they get a rather high ranking from Google and other search engines.
  • A video course. This video is helpful since it offers the user the opportunity to learn all the important points on how to use the product. The video is comprehensive enough such that no additional research will be required for one to learn how to use it effectively.

WP Clickster-How it works

By simply installing the software, the website design process is expected to immediately begin with the automation click feature. The video course guides the users on what they are expected to do. The software simply works by providing an opportunity for the user to create multiple pages on the intended website depending on the users customization needs. The user is also able to remove any of those pages or other WordPress features that might not be ideal for the user’s website.

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An insight on who would buy this product

Since the WP Clickster is a product to be used for the development of websites, it will be very appropriate to conclude that the product has been designed for any internet user out there who needs to have a website. Although this is the case online marketers as well as online entrepreneurs are the two groups of people who will find this product most useful.

WP Clickster-Pros And Cons


  • It saves a lot of time. By its automatic feature, the user is able to come up with a comprehensive website that would have not only taken him a considerable amount of time but also cost him more to consult a professional website designer and developer.
  • No technical skills are required. The product comes with a video course which helps the user use it without experiencing any difficulties.
  • It is compatible with WordPress. It can be used on already built WordPress websites one is imply required to install it.


  • Both the early users of this product and the product author have confirmed that there is no possible shortcoming associated with the usage of WP Clickster.

A sample of an early buyer’s feedback

“Being an upcoming online marketer I needed to learn how to develop websites for the particular products and services I decide to promote. With this product I have been able to develop multiple websites for the several products I have promoted online. ”

WP Clickster-Conclusion

Other than the above features and pros associated with the use of this product, the user will be guaranteed to access the WP Clickster Bonus that is offered with the purchase of this product. So if there is online marketers out there in need of a product to help them perform their online marketing with a lot of ease, then this should be the product they get. With the money back guarantee there is certainly nothing its users have to lose.

WP Clickster– Extra Bonus

Bonus #1:WP Duplicate Post Plugin 

Bonus #2:WP EZ Rank Checker Plugin 

Bonus #3:WP EZ Share It Plugin 

Bonus #4:WP Instant Ebook Plugin 

Bonus #5:WP Lead Capture Theme

Bonus #6:WP Local Business Plugin 

Bonus #7:WP Media Remix

Bonus #8:WP Notify Pro

Bonus #9:WP Question Optin 

Bonus #10:Scarcity Demon

WP Clickster -How to claim your  bonuses

It is very simple to claim your bonus when you buy WP Clickster via my link as followed:

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Wail for less than 8 hours to get your bonus, no questions asked.

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