Tips to Create Facebook Cover Photos Professionally

April 5th, 2015 |

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Facebook Cover is most popular feature of timeline. Now every social network is following this timeline cover trend. Although size of cover for each site is different as according to site layout but the intention of using timeline covers with the profile pictures is almost same for every social site.

Creating Facebook cover photos is not tough at all. Now there are hundreds of automated tools available on the internet you can use to create professional timeline covers but still there are many firms and business companies who hire designers to create FB Cover Photos for their profiles. These covers are designed and customized with creative art of graphic designers. So this post is for those creative designers who occasionally create FB cover photos for their users or clients. We collected some tips for making your cover elegant.

1 .Follow the Guidelines provided by Facebook Officially:

There are some guidelines available in the cover policy of Facebook official website. These guidelines will definitely help you to understand the real usage of Facebook covers. I highlighted the some guidelines below:

  1. FB cover should be public
  2. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright
  3. You can’t encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines

So these points should be fulfill by you, otherwise Facebook may take any legal action against you. After make sure you are in the right path. You can move further for the tip number 2.

2. Facebook Cover Size is Accurate:

Facebook timeline cover size is exactly 851 pixels in width and 315 pixels in height (851×315). So make sure you are following this rule and create the right size for the cover. You should design the size before start deigning. If you are using Photoshop then Click on the new file and define new area in pixels as mentioned before. When you define the boundary of your design, it is easier for you to work in space.

3. Take care of Profile Picture and don’t hide the content inside the DP:

As you know the Display picture of Facebook is shown on the cover. So when you design a cover, keep the structure of timeline in your mind and don’t write the content on the bottom left side because profile picture will hide that content. Always try to use space or same background pattern where DP would be placed.

4. Use Graphic Visual Instead of Simple Text:

It is a tip to create your Facebook cover photo stunning and inspirational. Don’t write too much text on the cover. Try to keep your text limited in bigger and stylish fonts. Focus on high quality images, visuals and graphics. You can also use small icons on the cover to give it an amazing info-graphic effect.

5. Decide the right Focus of your Cover Photo:

Facebook Cover is most focused place of timeline but on the cover you “The graphic designer” decide which object should be focused. Choose the right images as focus object. It depends on the topic and customer requirements. You can also focus on any idea in the cover picture. For example if you are designing a Facebook cover for Cold Drink Company then the focus is on the bottle of drink. If you are designing it for Funny entertainment page then the focus should be on the smiley or any joking object. So it’s all depend on the requirements but you should care about the focus of the cover photo.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it will help you next time when you sit for designing a Facebook timeline cover. It is not only Facebook but also you can follow the same tips for Google Plus, Twitter and even for YouTube Channel Covers.

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