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In case you have not been informed, the big social media giant Facebook if going to make it harder and more difficult for you to get your contents to be seen, this development is due to the increased amount of content on Facebook and also an attempt to crack down on many spammy and invaluable content. And as a result, it has seem to be an effort to make people for promoted post and adverts in an unnatural way.

Recently, there has been a decrease in Facebook organic views. However, while this remains a challenge, there are also sure ways to go around it. Just like every other thing online, great content will always have the upper hand. And with some of the tips and tricks that will be discussed below, one might be able to increase his/her likes the ‘natural’ way on the social media giant platform called Facebook without having to pay for promoted posts or ads.

#1: Create and Post awesome content

With every assurance as an online marketer, this is the first and foremost thing you should ever think about. Awesome and attention grabbing contents seems to talk directly to your target customers, audience and fans. However, it does requires a strategy. When you have great content on your website and other online sites, it’s an added advantage to you and also much easier to have something of VALUE to share for your fans.

#2: Make your Post embedded

It’s most likely that all your target audience are all hanging out all over the web and not only on Facebook. To spread the reach and likes of your Facebook post by embedding that post on your blogs. What this strategy does is to get your Facebook post in front of your website viewers and allow them to interact with your Facebook content and shares off the Facebook platform.

#3: Become a content Curator

Again, it comes down to putting up great contents. When you have great contents to share, more people are going to tune in for you. Share images, articles, and videos that will always keep your fanbase coming back and looking for new contents. The frequency one person connects with your updates will determine how often they see your stuff to give their likes. The bottom line here is to be targeted with your content and your true and loyal fans will love it.

#4: Use Blogs

As a marketer, if you own a blog, you have a very huge opportunity to increase the visibility for your Facebook fan page likes simply by linking to relevant page updates within blog posts. Make it your regular habit of quoting your Facebook fans in your blog posts. This practice does not only create more awareness and visibility for your Fan page, it also shows your blog readers how much you so much care about your supporters.

#5: Use Events

If you are a nonprofit organization, events play a central role for your business strategies. Use Facebook before, during and after any event set up to build your Facebook fan base, to increase attendance and the likes you seek for the natural way.

#6: Use Webinars

As webinars are a central part of your communications plan, why not think about using your Facebook fan page as a post-webinar discussion board? This will make you leverage the concentrated attention you have during your webinars to boost your Facebook page fan base and overall reach. This approach is a core strategy that you would need to implement.

#7: Use the weapon of Email Marketing

Normally, most nonprofits usually have an email list that’s just about ten times as big as their entire Facebook page fan base. Intensify reach for your fan page by simply linking to one of your top updates in the course of your normal e-mail broadcasting or communication. This is because contents has already been vetted by your fans, therefore, your email subscribers will naturally like, comment on, and even share it as well with their Facebook friends which will in turn make that page go insanely viral, and hopefully, this is what you want.

Finally, what a powerful and an awesomely creative ideas you have just discovered to increase visibility of you Facebook fan page base. It’s now your turn to take action.


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