Branded Beach Clips

October 9th, 2014 |

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The traditional corporate gifts such as mugs, pens, mouse pads, and the very many items on the list seem to only bore customers as most of these gifts are not just becoming too common but are not very well appreciated due to the number of such items already possessed by the customer. It is therefore advised that companies give gifts that are unique, distinct, and are appreciated by customers for a very long time even as the company tries to promote her image around the world. And what better way to do this than to customize your own Sunny Mates beach towel clips.

The advantages of having branded beach towel clips cannot be fully described. Beach clips seem to be a one in a million item due to its uniqueness and versatility. This means your customers tend to appreciate corporate gifts coming as branded beach clips as opposed to the traditional gifts of mugs and pens.

As an organization, you cannot imagine the global recognition having a branded beach clip gives your company. Because the item is mostly used by travellers and fun-lovers moving across the world, you are sure to create awareness of your product and service to everybody and anybody all over the world. Because your customers know how invaluable the beach clip is, they will not embark on any holiday without it. This means effortless advertising around the world.

Because the branded beach clips cannot be actually used indoors like any other branded gift items like mugs, your product will always be in the face of the world all the time.

The branded beach clips are customized with your desired corporate logo woven into the elastic jacquard webbing. It comes a bit larger than the original size of 25mm coming in 32mm width giving greater advertising exposure to your company.

The beach clip is a new phenomenon trending all over the world and giving  a branded beach clip as a corporate gift means you are actually promoting a global brand in your product as your customers put these branded beach clips on their sun-loungers when they holiday all over the world.

Wherever your location, Sunny Mates branded beach clips can be shipped worldwide.

Take the huge opportunity created by Sunny Mates and have your brand promoted worldwide at probably the cheapest rate possible. It actually means your brand is advertised worldwide with just a branded beach clip.

Worldwide recognition and customer appreciation are what you get from branded beach clips. It cannot get better than this.

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