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Networking, what do you think of when you hear that word?

It’s funny how that one word can evoke so many different emotions I person, yet when used properly can be one of the most useful and beneficial tools on the planet today.

How do you think companies like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest become worth so much money in such a short period of time?

They are valuable not because of a product, they are valuable because of their ability to build networks all over the world. Their networks have become their greatest asset!

These once little startups have once again proved the power of networks, and with today’s technology you have the same power they have!


Who do you think of when you think of a networker? You may think of a typical stereotype, high in energy and a fast talker who collects as many business cards as he can while pursuing relationships thinking “What can you do for me today!”?

No, this is a person who only network with people because they need something!

Relationship builders, on the other hand, listen to people’s needs and figures out a way to add value to the other person. They contribute when and where possible. They think about relationships naturally because they LIKE people and see people as important, not just when they need something from them.


Networking works because it’s about building mutually beneficial relationships with people.

Building a successful networking asset begins with the principle of contribution. When you have a contribution mindset, it is like swimming with the current instead of fighting against the current.  Successful networkers foster relationships, care about others, and focus on their ultimate goal of helping other people succeed

When it comes to being successful in networking, it’s not so much about having the courage to actually do it, but the knowledge and basic skills of how to build relationships. To become a successful networker you have to understand and apply the fundamentals of communication and relationship building.

Each time you speak with someone new ask yourself “what does that person want?” and “How can I help/add value to this person?” Each opportunity you have to speak with someone is an opportunity to build and improve your communication skills and your business.


In a traditional job, you work an hour and you get paid an hour, essentially trading time for money. The sad thing is that millions of people do this every day of their life, unaware that there is a better way of doing business.

With a network of people you can leverage your time and money – a team of people working towards the same goal is more powerful than you doing everything alone!

The power of networking is something well known and used by some of the richest people in the world (I recommend you read “The business of the 21th century by Robert T. Kiyosaki)

And let’s face it, the world has changed forever, and it’s still changing, faster and faster every day.  There is no longer a guarantee that jobs will be there tomorrow! When you choose to invest yourself and your time into creating a networking asset, you can reap rewards that you are in control of, and put you on the winning side of this changing economy.

With the power of social media you can now connect and help far more people that you could in the past.


There are two ways of building your network marketing business – offline and online.

The fundamentals of how you it works are pretty much the same. They are both great business models to follow, and I still build my network in both ways. (If you want to know more about the difference between them you can Google it)

My experience is that the online model has on BIG advantage over the offline.

The difference…?

…How fast you make your money!

Since the networking business is about connecting with people, the more people you connect with the better. You can connect with far more people online true social media in the course of a day than you can the “old school” way of going around your neighborhood connecting with people one on one.

This means you can build your team of people faster, which in turn make the money comes faster!

Have a great day creating a network!

Sebastian S. Samuelsen


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