Count Down To Enjoyable Gameplay With Enemy Dawn

July 18th, 2014 |

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It’s not that often that a game delivers stunning gameplay with a twist of real

history. The most anticipated game of the year “Enemy Dawn” is that game that

delivers nonstop fun and action is due to debut in a few days. Perhaps, Enemy

Dawn might be the hottest game of the year.  The creators of the game at Simplus

Technologies Group came up with the name Enemy Dawn because it symbolizes the

Nazi invasion of Poland. This invasion took place at around 4:30 am and marked

the beginning of World War Two. This year 2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of

that invasion. Enemy Dawn storyline begins on Sept 1, 1939 when the Nazis

invaded Poland. In the game, the graphics look very similar to Poland in the

1930’s. As a Polish soldier, you must command a mobile rocket launcher as you

destroy enemy targets and try to liberate Poland. The game has a lot of history

like the famous German Battleship Schleswig-Holstein which opens fire on the

Polish Port of Danzig. The game also has Polish landmarks like the “Crane Gate”

in Danzig. The creators at Simplus Technologies Group wanted a fun game that has

lots rich history to it.

In Enemy Dawn gameplay you will notice battle sounds are realistic.


For instance, you could hear the famous German aircraft Ju-87 Stuka streaking

across the sky. There is also panzer tanks and actual air raid sirens going off

to fully immerse you into the game. There is 5 levels of gameplay. The app game

starts off with a video introduction with a narrative of the storyline. It

allows you to unlock to different levels by scoring points. There is also a way

to unlock levels by sharing social media content. The game has two control

methods. You can either tilt to move left and right or use a control nozzle for

movement. To fire, just swipe with your finger. Enemy Dawn has promotion awards

earned as you score points. Also, throughout the game you can see the Polish

Prime Minister giving orders.The game was successfully beta tested and we

received great feedback. The game will initially debut for Apple IPad and

iPhone. We plan to release and Android version at a later date. For those who

can’t wait for game release, we urge you to sign up for email alerts at Simplus Technologies is also running a free gift card

sweepstakes when you sign up for email alerts. You can win either a world of

tanks gift card or gameplay card. The sweepstakes drawing will be held monthly

and ends in July, 2014 which is estimated when our game will debut

internationally. It will support 4 languages English, Spanish, Chinese, and

Japanese. We encourage you to checkout our trailer videos on YouTube at

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