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June 6th, 2014 |


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For many years now, social networks have offered people a free opportunity to connect and stay in touch with the people they care about, as well as meet new people that share similar interests with each other.

While communication has improved tremendously over the past decade because of social networking, the everyday relationships that people form via social media tend to be lacking a great deal of substance. There is rarely any underlying importance to the time that we spend on these networks, and they are utilized more as an escape than as a means of improving one’s life.

In fact, for the most part, these social networks are happy to offer these escapes, as the money that they are generating is completely based on the free content and interactions that you provide them from using their services.

As people grow more tech-savvy and politically aware, they are slowly starting to realize that they are being scammed out of all of the value that they are providing to these social networks, and receiving very little in return. With that thought in mind, the new social network Empowr has been developed to give their customers the value that they deserve by sharing with them all of the sites revenues, and even control over how the site itself is run.

The Empowr Difference

Empowr, like Facebook, gives their members the ability to express themselves socially and creatively, and then pays those members earnings based on the value that they have created from their activities.

Additionally, Empowr is completely revolutionizing social media through building a democratic economic platform (demporation) where users are not only involved, but are actually in charge of the way they communicate and share online.

The way it works is that members of the social network have the ability to run to become the actual company President, and then at election time every member of the network, the employees, and the shareholders all have one equal vote in choosing the company President. In this manner, the members have ultimate control over how everything is run.

Earning on Empowr

There are several ways that members can earn on Empowr:

Through posting photos, videos and blogs, members are able to earn money for all of the views that they receive for the first 24 hours that they are published.

Additionally, Empowr has a complete eBay style marketplace where members can bid on auctions, as well as buy and sell products and services with each other.

Unlike other social networks where advertisements are typically purchased by big businesses, at Empowr every member has the ability to create ads for the things that people post and sell, and they can actually earn a profit on those ads if they perform well.


Empowr has the ability to completely change the way that people use the internet and interact via social networks. If their democratic social economy truly gains steam with people from around the world, then it will show that people can come together and make societal changes without being beholden to the mainstream corporations that currently own and operate the vast majority of our lives.

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