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August 27th, 2012 |

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Social media networks have grown to be a major part of popular culture. People throughout the world use the largest sites to express short, random thoughts or to rant about various topics. Social media networks allow people to stay in touch with their friends or reconnect with people from the past. Other, slightly less popular social networks can be used for career building or professional networking purposes.

The online communities these days do not have to be trendy mainstream sites. There are also social networking sites for particular interests. For example, there are several social networks for writers. is one of the networking sites dedicated to writers and their interests. Pondrin works by encouraging a system of feedback and encouragement among its members. The process is simple. A user earns points by commenting on other users’ blogs, stories, publications, and other works. The points can then be redeemed to allow the user to publish his or her own writing. Any type of writer is welcome. Users can write poetry, short stories, opinion pieces, academically inclined explanations of prominent news topics, or whatever else strikes their fancy. The front page shows links to the newest members, the most recent posts on blogs, and the latest publications in the creative writing area. The site also allows users to “friend’ each other. 

Pondrin is just one of many social networks for writers. Writing is a special interest category that is particularly suited for networking socially. Networking online allows users from all over the world to connect with each other and exchange feedback, thereby allowing them to hone their craft. Many, although certainly not all writers, are introverts and may be more comfortable interacting with people they do not know face to face. Of course, there is also the fact that social media websites are specifically designed for user generated content. This makes them a natural landing spot for writers. Having specific networks allows them to screen out all the noise that exists on other networking sites. People trying to write poetry don’t need to see pages of political spam, pictures of other people’s children, football fans ridiculing other teams, or commentary on reality shows. They might not mind such things, of course, but when they are trying to improve their writing skills, it is good to have a site without those distractions.

By seeking out online communities geared specifically to their interests, writers can find a receptive audience that is willing to help them develop their creativity and technical skills. These sites are really just high tech versions of the traditional writers’ circles, except that they are easier to access and do not require travel or compatible schedules. Instead, writers can access the sites at the most convenient time and place.

Social networks for writers create opportunities for encouragement, feedback, development, and exposure. Aspiring writers should seek out these websites in order to find potential mentors, and more experienced or established writers can benefit by keeping their skills sharp and reading a diverse collection of other people’s works. Finally, all writers can be encouraged by feeling as if they are part of a community.


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