4 Social Media Sites Small Businesses Should Use

April 29th, 2009 |


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One thing that is great about social media is that it is an area that anyone can enter this media for free. By anyone, I mean individuals, large corporations, non profit organizations, and small businesses. Small businesses are one of the groups who can gain the most from an effective social media campaign.

If you own or work for a small business, chances are that you don’t have alot of time to jump around from one social media site to another each day. Chances are that once you do get online into social networks you feel that you are diving into a rabbit hole with no end in sight.

With so many social networks available, which are the right ones for small business owners? No need to worry, I outline my recommendations below.


You have probably heard enough about Twitter lately to make your head spin.  However, this site tops the list in that it is definitely the one social networking site small businesses need to be a part of.  Twitter offers what many other social networking sites do not offer, the ability to interact with customers and clients in a brief, real time conversation.

Twitter allows for small businesses to reach thousands of potential customers and clients for free.  This is something that is available to anyone who joins Twitter.  It puts small business on the same playing field as large multi-million dollar corporations.


LinkedIn is geared towards business professionals.  Depending on the nature of your business, LinkedIn can prove to be a very important network to be a part of.  Aside from creating a business profile, the site has a “question & answers” section where you can generate some very good traffic and leads for your small business.

Using LinkedIn Answers, you are able to view questions about topics that may relate to your product or services.  Should you find a question you can answer; provide a detailed solution to the problem and you can not only create a lead with the person who answered the question, but you can also establish credibility as a trusted and reliable source for the topic at hand.

Providing a few answers a day will add up over time and result in you and your company as a source to turn to in the industry.

Yahoo Answers

Similar to the concept of LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo Answers is a solution that is also a great source for producing new leads.  From my experience, Yahoo Answers for the most part is more about individuals looking for a solution rather than a business looking for help.

If your small business offers solutions that can be used by both individuals and companies, Yahoo Answers is a suggested avenue to explore to generate new conversation about your company.


Everyone likes to watch videos.  Why not upload your latest how to or product demonstration to YouTube?  Not only will you get some traffic/branding with your uploaded content, but you can also embed these same videos on your own website.  This works great if you can show your product or service in action right on the page where they can order!

The reason I listed YouTube and not another site like Vimeo (which I really like), is simply because the traffic that YouTube gets.  Vimeo has better features and quality than Youtube, but is not quite yet on the same traffic level.

Honorable Mentions

Should you have more time, or just want more options to increase your visibility and brand awareness, here are a few other sites to check out depending on what your small business offers in the form of products or services.

  • Vimeo – Video uploading site
  • Facebook – Social networking site
  • Naymz – Social networking site for professionals
  • Spoke – Social networking site for business people

What Do You Use?

Which social media sites do you use to market your small business?  Do you try to be part of them all, or concentrate on just a few?  How do you handle the overload of social media sites to choose from?

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