Is Making Money Online With Internet Marketing For Total Beginners a Serious Option?

July 24th, 2012 |

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I do not know about you, but I cannot subscribe to the idea that the world is really becoming a better place rather than more difficult one to live in. Everyday stories of epic survival are harsh realities most of us experience . No wonder then that more and more of us are turning to online marketing to make money online whilst watching our ordinary jobs vanishing

But is it really a path to instant success or a trip to more deceptions and distress ?

If you found your way on this blog, you have at least looked over the fence to the IM jungle , perhaps even tipped a toe in it or sinking as far as your midriff , about to take off or making some real money already . Wherever we are at , despite an undeniable interest there are major reasons why getting started and negotiating the first hurdles can be really disheartening.

  • When we first consider trying to earn money online, it is a bit like arriving into a new large, for us yet uncharted territory; we need to be aware that, like in any serious area of occupation and interest , we need to acquire some solid basic knowledge and understand what are the components and the particular language of this new activity – Product, prospective clients called leads , converting into sales, through proper communication ( social media, blog, apps, PR) and the latest tools ( computers, tablets, mobiles ) . You cannot just expect to earn money online without getting a thorough grounding in all the above .
  • We may face a lack of means ( financial, time, know-how)
  • We have often no ideas of the true basic needs to get started ( blogs,hosting, registration , autoresponder, social media accounts, setting up campaigns, squeeze pages, list building, product creation, affiliate marketing ) it’s all very confusing in IM and prevents you to make money online
  • Yet we soon find ourselves confronted with oceans of information some necessary , most absolutely useless and confusing to most but very advanced marketers. This is the curious yet real phenomenon of information overload which claims more victims than we care to count when we try to make moneyonline .
  • Shall we mention the mind boggling surrealistic netherworld of the “IM Gurus ” ? How to sort out the :get-rich-quick-scams”. the BS artists from those who have bona fide businesses and genuinely take care of their students and affiliates ?
  • Oh , I nearly forgot the IM jungle – you know the gorillas, Penguins, and Pandas .. you think I am joking ? ask Google To this Zoo species, it seems that trying to make money online is a criminal act !

Stop, yes breath , relax and use your brains as you would do for any other crucial research vital to your and your family ‘s welfare

You see we get confused overwhelmed and disheartened when we either have not defined our goals properly before hand or we have lost focus of them . Either way we end up confusing opportunities and real strategy with catastrophic results . – or no results at all .

Therefore the first point is to make sure that you

  • Understand where you start from
  • Define your objectives
  • Take stock of your assets ( and no its not your grandma’s gold necklace we are referring to here, but really the treasure chest of your won experiences, trainings, qualifications, skills, even surprisingly to many your interests and hobbies are true assets to you )
  • Trace your path from where you are to where you want to be , using the most appropriate vehicle (online or offline marketing, combination )

Let’s check back , are you still among your sweet spots , do you need to readjust a little ?

Now comes the real work – As in any enterprise you need a cheat sheet – something which will enable you to hold your cap when visibility is poor ( aka when you are going through temporary obstacles and storms) . In conventional business it is called …a business plan ; on a journey , it is called a map, basically though it enables you to think in advance the steps you need to take in all directions ( acquiring basic know-how, skills, physical resources, human resources , financial means, a conducive environment to excercice your activity and so forth) in order to be absolutely in control of the maximum of elements in your success equation to make money online

Regardless of the sector of activity , IM or otherwise, we need to remember that 70% of startups failure in the US ( that’s whooping 90% of all startups! ) come from not recognizing their area of weakness and therefore they do not seek help and are not been able to correct their “off course” on time ! Imagine getting on a boat for the first time for an unknown destination without a map and navigational tools ? well youhave our brave wannabe Online entrepreneur here …

So you need some guidance and a real road map as well as a clear, safe and worthwhile destination . A real Coach , with a real program and real useful tools – all this are synonymous. But how many of us either never leave the shore or head off on uncharted travels putting themselves in grave dangers?

So here is what experienced genuine successful marketers will tell you ” Play only when you can win, Work only on what is necessary and become unstoppable through the ease and speed of execution.”

By acquiring serious knowledge in IM field, obtaining clarity in your own assets and securing serious, competent, action and result driven coaching, you set yourself in the small minority that can but succeed !

For this you need support, and this is just what a bunch of very successful marketers have worked very hard to bring together in a value and content packed info product called Futuristic Marketing – whereas the Marketing needs no explanation and is backed by a well structured course and on going coaching, the word futuristic begs one. And indeed , you will find that it bears its name thanks to the absolute latest integrated methodology to enable you to achieve the trio of product creation , list building and relationship building with your audience leading to increased sales level.

To find out more about this package released today July 25th at noon EDT, head over to now .

rejoicing about your forthcoming success !

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