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July 22nd, 2012 |


Ploked.com is all about being plugged into social media. We strive to provide informative, relevant, and unique perspectives in the world of social media.

Social media has become an unavoidable part of our daily life. It has bounded itself in the area of human interaction. We think it has gone way beyond that. In the business field it is being seen as a major tool to increase their customers interactions and productivity. We are learning that engaging with customer builds a solid business and really helps the bottom line!

There has been a recent revolution in the social media sites with the advent of hundreds of different social media and related websites each with different ideas. The impact of google panda on SEO has had huge implications on your sites google pagerank. It gives you higher ranking based on social media buzz.

The spread and access of our network mostly defines our social presence over these networks, and hence also shows the popularity of our business. However, it can be really time consuming to promote a company’s services and propaganda over these networks. 

Its’ with our help that in time your Social Media Marketing campaign will be building fans and providing you sales by converting them into paying customers by engaging them through social media. This alone is worth purchasing our services but there is more. We boost your SEO by building your social media fan base. Allow us to do all this grueling work so you can focus on your business, brand, or service. We can accomplish in a month what would take you a year to accomplish by conventional methods of acquiring fans!

BoostSocialMedia has been a pioneer in the field of Social Media Marketing for several years, and boasts of thousands of customers in their kitty. The authenticity of the work and its effects has been valued by every customers and reseller.

BoostSocialMedia (http://boostsocialmedia.net) provides social media services in these main following categories:

  1. Facebook Likes Or Shares
  2. Twitter Followers
  3. Google Plus One
  4. You Tube Views
  5. Pinterest Followers

Benefits Of Real Facebook likes/Shares

Facebook being the hugely popular amongst all other social media, has millions of active users like you and me. Which gives overwhelming potential to tap resources from it? A few shares from some active facebook accounts could result in viral share of your website, resulting in visitors or hits in thousands.

Twitter Followers

Twitter being the second popular social media websites, boast of most of the sales done via social media. However the number of sales occurring for your product directly depends on how many audiences your tweet or short message is able to reach, through the network. And hence it’s very important to have a very high number of followers in every twitter account you use to either tweet your message or retweet it.

Google Plus Ones

Google has been the main driving force behind the internet boom. And ranking in google is most sought after by every website owner. The newly launched google plus social site has a real boosting effect in increasing the SERP of a website and it has been proved and established by many critics. Boost Social Media, has been providing a valuable service in this regard, and many customers have directly benefitted by it.

Youtube Views

No one in this tech savvy world needs to be introduced to YouTube. But what is a video, which is not seen by a large number of people. Always creating a good video and uploading it to YouTube is not the thing that can make your video popular; it always needs some side push to give it the much desired start. And Boost Social Media does that effectively.

Pinterest Followers

The newest upcoming social media is Pinterest and it has set a huge mass in the roll. Having a good number of followers in your Pinterest could mean a success or fail in the promotion of your services and business. The promotions done without having any followers would simply mean all energy being wasted. Hence you should always consider getting a good number of followers from Boost Social Media before your campaign begins. Pinterest has become wildly popular for SEO also. I can greatly affect your pagerank for to your website.

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