2010 World Cup App Survival Kit

June 16th, 2010 |


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The event that captures the attention of every country in the world (except the United States, for the most part) is upon us and will continue to be with us until July 11th 2010. If you’re anything like me, an American who really has no idea about the World Cup but would like to stay tuned to the global event, here are some helpful apps that may aid you.
ESPN 2010 FIFA world cup (Free): There are quite a lot of World Cup apps out there that promise to keep you updated with the latest news from Johannesburg. This app, however, is my favorite thus far for the following reasons. For one, it has a gorgeous, easy to use interface that tells you the schedule, the scores, and the news. You can find out if your favorite players are injured, and watch video (if you get too lazy to read you can just hear what the experts have to say). You can even sign up and create a bracket for the Cup.  That means, if your prediction turns out to be right, you will have some bragging rights. Perhaps two of my favorite options are “Venues” and “Tournament History.” Venues gives you a brief background of all of the fields that the teams are playing on and a map showing where they are. And tournament history mixes the ease of Wikipedia with the trusted name of ESPN. You can now, with the flick of a finger, check in on the history of the tournament so you can know where past World Cup’s has been held, the controversies, and the winners. No longer will you come off as an uneducated observer. Now, you will be able to impress those around you with your supernatural knowledge of the game.

Air Horn (Free):  When you do sit down to watch a match (and you should for history’s sake) a particular sound will resonate thoughout the game. This is the vuvuzela which is a 3 foot long, loud plastic horn. It costs about $1 to make and is sold for about $10 at the World Cup. However, if you have an iPhone and you’re at the Cup, or just sitting on your couch, download the Air Horn app. It’s simple to use. Just touch the screen or shake your iPhone like crazy. With it being free, the only cost is possibly killing your battery from overuse, or the cost of your friendships as you will probably be annoying your friends around you.

Angry Birds ($.99): If you’re wondering why I have a game here, the simple answer is because of halftime. What better way to spend your break than throwing birds at the homes of pigs, since that’s the premise of the Angry Birds game. A bunch of pigs have stolen your beloved eggs and you have to sacrifice yourself, kamikaze style, to show how pissed off you are. And you might very well be pissed off after seeing that your team is down 2-0 at the half, so maybe Angry Birds will help you to alleviate that stress. Angry Birds is also the hottest app at the moment so even if you don’t play it at half time, you’ll still have fun wherever you are.

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