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April 22nd, 2010 |


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MoZella‘s music career has been a long and winding road. What’s that now? You don’t know who the songstress is? You probably do, actually, as her voice has been featured almost everywhere at this point.

Mozella Mack

MoZella Mack was born in Detroit but after high school wandered west to find stardom in the City of Angels. When things didn’t come easy, she found herself decorating cakes by day and playing in coffee shops at night. Soon enough, she was signed to Maverick Records in 20004. Since then, she’s toured with Dave Mathews Band, Lifehouse, Michelle Branch, and Five for Fighting, among others. More recently, she’s put out her sophomore album “Belle Isle” and is  gaining exposure from her music appearing on shows such as  “One Tree Hill,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Hills,” and “Modern Family.”Her songs bring a mix of pop and soul with a voice as smooth as honey with jazzy undertones that would make Annette Hanshaw proud.  Here I talk to MoZella about music and social media.

SR: So, what are you up to these days?

M: I’m in NYC this week writing with different producers (for myself and other people). Doing the same thing in LA when I’m there too. Staying creative and very busy!

“Oh, It’s Magic” was featured in the Droid commercial…how did that happen? Please tell me you at least got some free swag from Motorola.

I wrote the song with Tim Myers for an ad agency in Chicago. They needed a song for a spot they were shooting. They went with a different tune for their commercial and a few months later Droid got a hold of it and licensed it for their campaign. And no – I never got a free cell out of it. I still have an iPhone! Haha!

You always keep your followers updated via Twitter or Facebook. How do you stay so connected with your busy schedule?

I have apps on my phone that allow me to tweet and update Facebook whenever I have a free moment. Technology is pretty amazing! I love my fans. They are the reason I make music. I enjoy the connection I have with them, so I go out of my way to let them know I appreciate them.

What’s your favorite social media site and why?

I don’t think I have a fave. I love Facebook because my grandma can comment on the same post a fan just left on my page.  How cool is that? My mom and my fans share moments. It’s pretty awesome.

Is there anything you would change about it?

I’m not technical nor do I know a thing about how Facebook works. I just wanna know can I block a person but still make sure they see my posts. It’s a perfect thing for an ex bf or co-worker. You don’t wanna hear about their new girlfriend or their annoying dog but you want them to know how fabulous your life is all the time. LOL.

How do you think social media has changed the music industry in this recent web 2.0 revolution?

It’s shifting so quickly I can’t seem to catch up! Ten years ago, radio and MTV/VH1 were pretty much the only ways to hear new artists unless you were super big into the indie scene. But even then any one of those indie kids would’ve traded that label in for a major deal in a heartbeat. Now the major is sort of irrelevant. I don’t have huge radio hits (though I was signed to two major deals) but I have a pretty cool fan base and my songs are heard worldwide. I had five national commercials this year and three international (along with about 25 film and TV syncs).  Artists have successfully cut out the middle man and can reach people, gain new fans, and have valuable film and TV opportunities within reach. The downside is over-saturation. Now anyone can make a record on their lap top and start a MySpace (page). There is more music being made now than ever. But I think the crème always rises.

What’s on your iPod these days?

New stuff: Laura Marling, Lissie Maurus, JayZ, and Daniel Merriweather. Old stuff: Beatles, James Taylor, old Motown, Phil Collins, an everything from Nirvana to Bach.

Did you know there was a Justin Bieber app that shows you where Bieber is, how would you feel about a MoZella app like that.

Not sure I’m into that. He’s so huge that it sounds like it makes daily tasks pretty unpleasant. Some things need to be kept sacred. Artists give up so much of their personal life to fans, TMZ, etc. I think that app is pushing it. People need privacy sometimes.

Is there any hidden website that is a favorite of yours that you think we should be checking out? is a fun one. I also think is pretty fabulous. [hahahaha]

Any advice you would give to a young and upcoming artist in this digital age…

I don’t really have much advice, except:
A. Be true to yourself
B. Know your strengths and weaknesses
C. Don’t listen to the advice of people who’ve never followed their dreams.
D. Stay positive and focused

CLICK HERE for MoZella performance footage!

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