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January 25th, 2010 |


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The World Wide Web. Not such a bad name for the internet. The world at your fingertips. Actually, it’s the perfect definition for what the internet actually is and what it’s capable of when it comes to the science of social networking. But, there’s a snag. Social networking isn’t exactly worldwide, now is it?

It’s all who you know. And who your friends know. And who their friends know. But it’s more than that, too. If who you know is interested in what you are offering them, then it works. If who you know has friends who are interested in what you are offering, even better. If none of them are interested in what you are doing, you might as well call it the Room Wide Web. Or garbage product.

Case in point: I used to be in a well known metal band that currently has over eighty thousand MySpace friends. My personal Facebook page has over one thousand friends. All of this potential for networking is due to the product I was associated with. And let’s not mistake ourselves. Your friend count on any social networking site is really a potential number, not necessarily a concrete network.

Let’s look at my latest project, the web TV show Polyester Dreams.

The show has been on the web for over a year now. I’ve been involved with producing the show for that amount of time. Recently, I’ve really seen the show become more refined, more professional. Albeit, ready for my network to have a taste. So, what did I do? I suggested the Polyester Dreams fan page to my 1,305 friends.

At the time, Polyester Dreams only had about sixty fans. Now there are 475 fans. I think that’s a pretty good improvement. However, that’s less than a third of my friends on Facebook, and I suggested Polyester Dreams to every single friend. Did they see it and not like it? Did they not care? Were they too busy changing the appearance to their Gmail account? Who knows?

Social networking is a numbers game, but it’s also a quality game. I’ll put this to some mad genius of the interwebz – I want a social networking formula that gives me the best results, where QL (Quality) times QN (Quantity) equals SN (Social Network) to the 5th power.

I need that formula so I don’t have to work so hard in getting people to pay attention. How much does attention get paid anyway? I’ll try out the position if it’s more than $35 an hour. Nah, never mind. I’ve got to suggest Polyester Dreams to my new Facebook friends.

Polyester Dreams Episode 15: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN

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