#OMGFacts – Tastelessness Can Ruin You!

January 19th, 2010 |


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If you were on Twitter during the last few weeks, you probably ran into a trending hashtag at one point called #OMGFacts. This tag was used to state trivial facts, ranging from the mundane to the insane (as if Twitter doesn’t already have enough of these uninspiring trending topics). While I don’t know how this trend got started, I do know that it spawned its own Twitter account. I did not follow the page (nor care) until January 18th, when people began retweeting this from said account:

OMGFact - The one that broke the camel's back

Now, people are asking who would post such an incendiary message. I’ve come to find out that the owner of the account is @AdorianDeck, a 16-year-old male from California. He’s the one responsible, not only for the OMGFacts Twitter account, but also for the OMGFacts blog. Upon tweeting this gem, he caused an uproar. The backlash was so intense that he not only took down the Twitter account, but the blog as well. He then tweeted the following message from his personal Twitter page:

“Deleted it. Only cared about #s and $ recently. Greed. Stopped thinking about things, I’ll just say…I’ve learned so much. No regrets. – @AdrorianDeck

Some people think the act was commendable. Others thought it was “young and stupid,” yet forgivable. I, however, thought it was tasteless. To understand where I’m coming from, observe the analogy below. The following is how I define “stupid” vs. “tasteless”:

Stupid Example: You told your friend how much of an idiot he was when he misinterpreted a message. Motivation: You’re upset.

Tasteless Example: You told your friend how much of an idiot he was and let him know the cause of his stupidity in front of a television audience that is being broadcasted in five different countries…with no regrets. Motivation: You want to ruin his career.

Sure, that example is a little extreme, but it demonstrates why I think the act was tasteless. To better break it down, let’s look at what he stands to gain:

  1. He’ll gain a lot of attention for saying something audacious. After all, the Civil Rights leader isn’t alive to defend his reputation.
  2. He’ll gain increased traffic to his blog. Despite the fact that it was initially deleted, this has since been posted on the OMGFacts Facebook fan page: “OMGFacts: The account is there now, but won’t be tweeting. So you can still read facts to friends and such. RT them, whatever.”
  3. Since there are ads on the OMGFacts site, he’ll generate even more revenue.

This is what people who use rabble-rousing tactics do. Don’t believe me? Look up Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, Young Money (see: BET Awards show last year) and, of course, the aforementioned site that used Martin Luther King’s name in vain (Google it. I’m not linking it).

Now, should I be more forgiving of a child? Not really. Here’s why again:

  1. He initially took down his site, showing he was fully cognizant of his actions.
  2. He removed the OMGFacts Twitter account.
  3. He never issued a statement.

So, Adorian, if you’re somehow reading this piece, I ask that you take note of the following. I honestly feel that you did not learn your lesson nor attempt to soften the blow left by the post. If you had kept the OMGFacts Twitter account up, deleted the tweet, and issued an apology from both the Twitter account and your blog, you then would have earned the “Young and Stupid Award,” which is more forgivable. However, all you succeeded in doing was downgrading yourself to tasteless status.

You did not mature, you just took the easy way out. Man up, child.

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