Helping Haiti, One Hashtag at a Time

January 12th, 2010 |


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On January 1st, Haiti celebrated their independence day. Less than two weeks later, the country is in dire straits. On Tuesday, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the small country, approximately 10 miles west of the capital, Point-au-Prince. While Twitter hashtags notoriously point the way to frivolous conversation, #Haiti is currently one of the top trending topics of conversation. Popular music artist and Haitian native Wyclef Jean is asking followers to retweet the following message:

@wyclef Help Haiti Earthquake Relief Donate $5 by texting YELE to 501 501 right now please RT”

So far, it has been reported that a hospital has collapsed in the wake of the disaster, and the New York Times has reported that the US Agency for International Development is currently in the process of deploying disaster response teams to the scene. The area, including the Dominican Republic, is also reportedly on a tsunami watch.

Please stay tuned to Twitter by following and contributing to the #Haiti hashtag. The Twitter community rallied for the Iranian citizens, and the same can be done for the people of Haiti in their time of need.

Also follow @YELEHAITI for more information.

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