11 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Following

April 15th, 2009 |


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Many people are curious on to some of the best ways to grow your Twitter profile through gaining more followers.  While there are definitely more than 11 ways to do this, I simply listed the first ones that came to mind.  Use some or use them all!

Brand Yourself

While this may be a whole other topic, I suggest uploading an avatar, using a custom twitter background for your profile, and filling out your profile fields.  When people are looking to follow you, if your page still has the default avatar and background, it significantly reduces the chance of them following you back.  By customizing your profile, you are showing that you are infact someone and indeed worthy of being followed.

Be a Comedian

Everyone likes a good laugh.  While we can’t all be as funny as “Carrot Top” or roided up like him for that matter, providing humor when possible on twitter is a great way to get noticed.  Be witty, but don’t have your text come across as rude as you may insult your followers by leading them to believe you are an ass.  Being an ass is not a great way to build your followers, being relevant and funny is.

Expose Yourself

No not like that…but maximize your brand exposure by utilizing other social profiles you may have on myspace, facebook, linkedin, etc.  Also, if you have a blog or website, be sure to add a graphic or link asking people to follow you on twitter. Finally, you may want to also add a link to your twitter profile in your email signature or on business cards.

Follow the Big Boys or Girls

Find the most knowledgeable and relevant people in your niche and follow them.  Respond to their tweets when possible and if you are lucky enough to garner a response from them, you can see a quick influx of new followers.  When their thousands of followers see that this person responded to you with a @yourusername it will show everyone that you were in fact worthy enough to be engaged in a conversation with the big boys or girls.

Tweet and Be Heard

Nobody likes a lame tweet.  In fact posting lame tweets like what you had for dinner is a great way to lose followers.  When tweeting or retweeting, be sure you are adding some value to the twitter community.

A key component of twitter is creating an interaction between you and your users.  Do your best to provide tweets that are informative, newsworthy, and even somewhat controversial.  These type of tweets are great for starting conversations among your followers and can ultimately result in retweets that will help you gain more targeted followers.

Twit The Peak

This simply means to post more often to your twitter account during peak browsing hours of your targeted twitter followers.  This is ideal in that you are more likely to interact with more of your followers online at the same time as yourself, as well as maximize your exposure to more eyes should your posts get retweeted resulting in higher opportunities of gaining new followers.

Promote Others

A great way to get new followers is to promote others.  Whether you give them props on their software or read their blog, giving them credit when using the @username in your tweet, will definitely help to get you noticed.

Respond to @ Replies

Take the time to respond to replies directed towards you.  Whether it is a RT or a general comment/question, respond to as many replies as your time permits.  Replies are people engaging with you, don’t you want to continue the conversation?

Ask Questions

What a better way to get engaged with twitter users than by asking questions.  Whether you are looking for info on how to do something or maybe you are curious as to what someone thinks of a particular product, ask on twitter and you shall receive.  Not only will this engage your current followers, you are likely to show up in http://search.twitter.com where many users go to find relevant tweets to respond to.  This is a great way to gain new followers.

Give Answers

Sort of like the example above…but you can go to Twitter Search and browse for keywords/subjects you are knowledgeable in.  Find relevant tweets and provide answers to peoples questions and gain some tweet cred and new followers in the process.

Keeping it Real

Twitter is about being authentic.  Don’t try to be something you are not.  If you are not a social media expert, don’t claim to be one.  If you do claim to be one, don’t post tweets asking how to use twitter.  Fake/Wannabe’s are pretty easy to spot.  Just be real, be yourself, and you will build your following.

The Rundown

  1. Brand Yourself
  2. Be a Comedian
  3. Expose Yourself
  4. Follow the Big Boys or Girls
  5. Tweet and Be Heard
  6. Twit The Peak
  7. Promote Others
  8. Respond to @ Replies
  9. Ask Questions
  10. Give Answers
  11. Keeping it Real

What Works For You?

So what methods work for you?  Do you use the same ones I mentioned above, or do you have something better, more effective to share?

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