3 Lame Examples of Twitter Spam, but is it Really Spam?

April 13th, 2009 |


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Most of us remember when Myspace was the next big marketing tool, and now Twitter is practically in the same boat.  Take a look back and see how spam has essentially ruined Myspace.  You can’t view a Myspace profile without seeing all the different comments posted by spammers.

By now, we can probably all agree that Twitter is a very powerful social media tool for creating, expanding, and maintaining both personal and business relationships.  However, with great marketing opportunities, we will often find lame attempts to milk the marketing opportunity.

Basically what I am referring to are the spammers that are so rampantly DM’ing me with their fool proof ways to make money or get a gagillion friends on twitter.  I mean come on, could it not be so obvious whatever crap you are trying to market does not work?

Let’s take a quick look at some of my favorite Twitter spam messages.

You can Never Have Enough Twitter Followers

On Twitter, your followers are key to your Twitter accounts success.  Targeted followers who are interested in your business or hobby help to create strong relationships.  However, some view more followers as an opportunity to peddle their spammy affiliate link to more people.  For example, let’s take a look at the infamous direct message:

“Thanks for the follow! How would you like to get 16000 followers in 90 days and get paid doing it? click here for my lame scheme”

What’s funny about nearly all these are that if you actually view the twitter profile, most have less than a few hundred followers.  Interesting.  Someone trying to market something that is not even working for the account they are spamming from.  Atleast spam from an account with 16,000+ followers so you can look like you are using something that works.

Thanks for the Follow, Get Your Free Gift!

Another favorite of mine is the self proclaimed guru with a “free” gift.

“Thanks for the follow. I have a free report for all my new followers. click here for my lame report”

First, if you are really offering something for “free” don’t ask me for my email address.  You and I both know, you are just going to hit me up with some lame attempt at an upsell, or just send me a bunch of crap I don’t care about.  To me, that is not “free”.  It is a pain in the ass.

Check out My Pics

I have not been sent these too much, probably because their accounts are banned as soon as they are created, but are always good for a laugh.

“hey sweetie, check me out…i just uploaded some pics at www.mysite.com

Usually, these profiles are accompanied by an attractive female picture trying to entice the reader to click the link in the message.  These messages scream of spam/affiliate links.  I can’t imagine this type of approach converts at all…especially on Twitter which is full of “self proclaimed marketing gurus.”

So Is it Really Spam?

While there are more examples I could go over, I think we all have seen the above mentioned messages.  But is it really spam afterall?  I mean I am following these people, therefore I have “opted” to receive their messages/tweets.  Can it be spam if I agreed to receive contact from them? If they were using proper affiliate marketing tips, I would say no. 

I guess technically, no it is isn’t spam, but I would certainly like to consider it spam.  In the end, I can simply unfollow the said spammer and move on with my twitlife.  What do you think?  What are some of your favorite lame spammer messages?

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