Social Media: Break Through the Increasing Clutter

August 27th, 2009 |


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So the latest Mashable article on the use of social media points to emarketer results indicating that two-thirds of marketers use social media in some capacity. The number is projected to increase to 82% in the next 12 months leaving a mere 12% of businesses uninterested in using the online outlet. The reasons companies aren’t using? They range from not knowing what to do, to not understanding measurement and benefits, to believing it is a poor use of employee time.

As this seems to be a great thing for businesses like myself that teach companies how to use social media and help create and execute social media plans, it definitely leaves the social media space cluttered. The space is becoming filled with a lot more noise than a few months ago, and the noise can definitely get in the way of effective messaging.

The solution? Use social media better. Seriously.

The power is in the planning. Yes it makes sense to penetrate the social spaces where you find your competitors, but it also makes sense to use those spaces better and do it differently. Of course we all like to follow the lead of successful social media brands and do what has gotten them attention, but we must do it with our own company spin and branding that will make us stand out among the clutter and break through the noise.

For some companies, this means creating a social campaign around an idea related to the product or service instead of just pushing the product or service. The overarching idea is using relevant messaging to your target markets that touches everyday thoughts and ideas instead of “use us” or “buy our product.”

Example: At the Movies Social Media Campaign (Note: I completely made this up)

A movie theatre focuses on the experience of sitting in the movie theatre on a date or with a friend, eating popcorn, listening to the amazing surround-sound and watching the gigantic full-screen image where you start to feel like you are not just watching the movie, but you are “in the movie.” The movie theatre doesn’t market their comfortable seats, pretzel bite/drink deal or superstar movie, but the reason people go to the movies—to enjoy, escape and get an experience unlike anywhere else. They start a campaign asking moviegoers to share their experiences via video postings. They encourage their customers to share their photos and talk about how much they enjoyed being at the movies through posted online testimonials. The sponsored movie theatre brands this campaign appropriately and they successfully created a movie going perception enticing those to go experience it for themselves.

So stand out. Break through the noise. Plan the social media approach and execute the plan.

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