Count Down To Enjoyable Gameplay With Enemy Dawn

July 18th, 2014 |


It’s not that often that a game delivers stunning gameplay with a twist of real

history. The most anticipated game of the year “Enemy Dawn” is that game that

delivers nonstop fun and action is due to debut in a few days. Perhaps, Enemy

Dawn might be the hottest game of the year.  The creators of the game at Simplus

Technologies Group came up with the name Enemy Dawn because it symbolizes the

Nazi invasion of Poland. This invasion took place at around 4:30 am and marked

the beginning of World War Two. This year 2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of

that invasion. Enemy Dawn storyline begins on Sept 1, 1939 when the Nazis

invaded Poland. In the game, the graphics look Read the rest of this entry »

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The Ways to Buy Music for Film

May 5th, 2014 |

The significance as well impact of background music for movies is just incredible. Whether you like to bring a romantic sequence, a pathetic moment or terrifying atmosphere in your film, without the proper unification of background music the effect remains unresponsive or dumb to the spectators. From the viewpoint, the advent of sound system in movies is identified as a great stepping stone. No matter if you are a small film maker or a professional of international repute; you have three basic options to attach background music for movies.

Get them composed

To buy music for films, the major music directors prefer the way of composition. This is because, while music composition is totally a different ground, one can undergo and complete all shots of the feature film at the beginning. And subsequently, they can ask for a professional music composer to generate music considering the background of the sequence that makes it livelier. However, with a limited budget, finding or hiring an expert composer can offer you the experience of searching a needle in some haystack. You can avail services of these composers by paying around $500-$12,000 depending upon their exposure in the industry and early track record.

Buy music for film here –

Another great choice to meet the need of background music for movies is to buy music for film. By this way, you can purchase the rights of music, which has been composed. For example, if you are fond of any particular musician and consider some of their tones can perfectly synchronize with the sequences of your movie, you can directly contact them to buy music for film.

Nonetheless, obtaining the rights to make use of certain music or song in your film is also an expensive issue while there are numbers of legal issues involved. Depending upon the distribution house, the rate varies widely. Without saying, this is an outstanding way for music collection as it enables the young film makers an expensive room to opt for overseas composers, musicians or distribution houses. To buy music for film, the great advantages enable you to choose such music that matches your requirement best through extensive internet searching. For TV film makers or small feature film producers, stock music library is also an excellent option that enables them to choose music based on their budget. Some of these websites are selling music as low as $ 30 per track. Be careful for those sites who boast to offer music for free, which are basically of very poor quality.

Go for royalty free music

To buy music for film, this is another great way for an independent filmmaker to get connected with top musical talents. Buying a royalty free music enables you to pay royalties based on the numbers of your firm shows using that music. In other words, the more times your film is being exhibited, you will have to pay per show basis to the vendor of that music or song. This may be used as a licensing deal for one year and after that the license may be renewed. In this context, never confuse with the back-end royalties that composers are supposed to receive against the public broadcast of their music in TV or radio programs. This does not concern you, in any way, since such fees are paid by the broadcaster and not by the film maker.

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Good Luck Finding A Mate in The Pirate Bay

June 8th, 2010 |

For as long as I can remember, The Pirate Bay has been engulfed in a media frenzy over its torrent site where users can “share” pretty much whatever they wish, much to the displeasure of the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America. However, they have decided to expand on their company with the addition of  a new dating site called “Pirate Date.

I was hoping this was a joke but after checking out the site and actually signing up (I have NO intentions of dating anyone through the Internet) it turns out that it’s quite real. For starters, you fill out a short form, mainly the basics such as age and location, and then go about finding your mate. The major issue which I noted right off the bat is that there really isn’t any parameters for finding  “the one” – this is more about finding anyone. Even that Apple dating site allows users to have something in common. Granted, it’s their love for Apple products, but still.

The stranger part is that you can link your Pirate Mate profile to your Facebook account, something I chose not to do for fear of ridicule from my friends should they see my page. But by linking Pirate Mate and Facebook, users can directly see the Facebook profiles of potential love interests and find what the site likes to call “Trust Paths.” According to The Pirate Date, they are important because:

Trust Paths show how you are connected through friends to people you find interesting. You can contact friends (and friends of friends) along the path to get opinions, advice or even ask for introductions – in other words: date a little less “blind.” Read the rest of this entry »
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Sunil Ramsamooj