Facebook’s Eroding Privacy

May 13th, 2010 |

This is a site dedicated to social media. As such, it’s in the interest of those of us who contribute to Ploked to write informative posts for readers regarding the use of social media, and the numerous networking tools associated with social media, in our daily affairs. I fully acknowledge social media as a tool to increase business, and my posts reflect this belief. A professional media planner by trade, my job depends on determining as much as possible about consumers, using this information to better target advertising messages to potential customers. Obviously, the more information, the better the results.

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While striving to remain objective and professional, at times I have to question the level of blind trust that we, as consumers, provide to entities outside our immediate control, opting to allow online businesses the ability to access personal information, including birth dates, address, email, family members, friends, and online surfing behaviors. I’ve written posts that substantiate social media’s success at growing businesses. I’ve also written here–and on other sites–posts concerning privacy and the “information for access” model practiced by social media sites. The majority of these posts–questioning the use of personal information–concern Facebook.

Facebook was once a place to share among friends. As the site’s evolved, its morphed into a money-making phenomenon that changes the rules as necessary. Once Facebook respected, and protected their user’s privacy. Then, unforeseen and unprecedented, the site grew from college site to worldwide network in less-than a decade. Facebook ranks among the most popular online destinations, quick approaching half a billion users Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis

Facebook Ads Aid Brand Recall

April 23rd, 2010 |

Want to increase brand recall and awareness? According to a joint Facebook/Nielsen study, social media networks are the place to go for marketers wishing to engage consumers who are nearing the “action” phase of the buying cycle.

Nielsen, citing that brand marketers have repeatedly requested a method to measure the value of social media advertising, made “a major investment towards helping advertisers understand how to achieve their brand goals in a social context.” And out popped the report: Advertising Effectiveness: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression, which includes information from Nielsen’s BrandLift that measures data for more than 800,000 Facebook users and their response to 125 campaigns run on the site by 70 advertisers. Nielsen’s BrandLift originated as a specific tool for measuring the effectiveness of Facebook advertising and was rolled out in September 2009 in the U.S. and in the U.K. in January. While many brands have already gravitated to social media advertising, others are hesitant due to uncertain ROI; Brandlift provides these advertisers with some assurance by providing quantifiable data that can be measured by established standards: Ad Recall, Brand Awareness, and Purchase Intent. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis

Yodle Writes the Book on Local Search. Literally.

April 16th, 2010 |

Yodle is an online advertising company leading the industry in local search capabilities.  They were named the named fastest growing local online advertising company by industry analyst, Borrell Associates. Yodle’s local search business is a simple, cost-effective, and integrated approach to connecting thousands of local businesses with consumers.

Now, Court Cunningham, CEO of Yodle has co-authored an all-things-local search guide for online advertising that provides local business owners the ability to find new online customers. The book, Local Online Advertising for Dummies, went on sale April 12th and helps establish Yodle as the authority for local search compared to competitors. Other companies in the local online search provider business include Local Marketers,  OrangeSoda,  ReachLoca, and WebVisible.

Local Online Advertising for Dummies hit the shelves at an opportune time; over the past ten years, consumers in search of local businesses has grown from nothing to 80% of all searches conducted. Although the search market has changed, there are misconceptions about promoting a local business using search. Local Online Advertising for Dummies is the first effort to show business owners how to capitalize on the expanding local search trend. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff Louis