Finding a Good Teen Modelling Stylist

September 26th, 2014 |

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Hair salons are constantly coming and going these days. Even those that stick around for years have constantly changing stylists are people switch jobs or move house. Finding a stylist you can go to for a long time is difficult, but if you like a bit of variety, here are some tips to try out something new with your hair in preparation for a modelling shoot perhaps, or just for a change.

If you have a friend or classmate whose hair you admire, ask where they get their hair cut and which stylist they use. There’s nothing better than a personal recommendation and stylists always appreciate word of mouth referrals. Many salons rent chairs to their stylists on a monthly basis, so having a regular clientele is very important. A lot of stylists work privately too, catering for catalogue shoots or helping teen models.

Location isn’t too important but you may as well look in the parts of town you can easily get to, or perhaps have another reason to go to regularly. Look near a family member or near your favourite shops perhaps. Take a look as you pass each salon so you can get an idea of how friendly it looks and how clean it is. Do the stylists seem attentive to their customers or are they standing at the till gossiping about the latest modelling drama. If it’s possible to book an appointment for a consultation in which you can chat about the ideas you have for your hair and hear what the stylist thinks about them you should do so. Ask for their ideas if you’re not sure what you want or what hairstyle suits you. You can look at teen modelling magazines or in hairstyle catalogues to get inspiration for your new style.

If a salon has lots of special offers on all the time, you should probably keep on walking. Good salons don’t struggle to keep customers and prices won’t be advertised on chalkboards in the street. If it appears to be a new salon though and they want to build a customer base, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Consider hygiene, experience, friendliness and cost when choosing a new hairdresser and hopefully the right one will seem obvious with a little research. Who knows, perhaps someone will be asking you on a modelling shoot, “Who does your hair?”

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