Do you have a coupon for that?

September 1st, 2014 |

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Dating back to 1887 when a penny could buy you at least a slice of bread, people still thrived for savings.  During this year Asa Chandler, a Marketing Genius created the first ever coupon for the Coca-cola company. His coupon offered a free glass of coke to its recipient and in a span of almost twenty years, over eight million free glasses of coke were given away. Today the coupon has soared from a small paper clipping to a roaring use of mass media.  The availability of coupons and the opportunity to save money using them in today’s generation is endless. Despite this fact, many people often do not think about what they could save, but instead are willing to pay full price for products that often are priced higher than they should be.

About three years ago, my family began to realize, like many other families in the current decade, we did not take advantage of the available savings on groceries and other useful products offered through the use of coupons, you can get coupon from bradsdeals and rebateszone. It was obvious that with five people in our house, food and personal items consumed a large portion of my dad’s paycheck each month.  A friend of ours spoke highly of using coupons and how using a coupon data base program made it much easier and less time consuming for her to cut down the cost of her grocery bills each month. To my parents, it seemed like a concept worth trying. That was three years ago, and since that time, using coupons has not only become a key method for my family to save money, but it has also changed our minds about how much things should truly cost.  For us, using coupons became an adventure. Each week, with every store we stepped into we shopped like it was a game. It was our goal to save as much as possible at each store, typically around 60 to 80%.On those rare occasions when we could walk in and get specific products completely free, we would high five and cheer at our success. Each of us played a part in the process. One would search the coupon data base while another would cut out the coupons. It was a great way for our family to spend time together and save money at the same time. During my the last few years, my closest friends have given me the nickname of “coupon lady”, because every time we go out to a restaurant, ice cream shop, or clothing store, I make sure to first check to see if there are any coupons for where we are going. Now, when we arrive somewhere they ask me sarcastically, do you have coupon for that? They know 90% of the time I do.

As a current high school senior and upcoming college student, I am aware that college is a huge expense, and since I have an older sister who is in her first year of college and a brother just two years behind me, it is that much more important that my family save money where ever possible. We continue to have fun and save money, and the valuable lessons that I have learned from couponing will stick with me forever.

Now, if I could only find a coupon for 50% off of college tuition.



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