Using Online Reviews to Compare Car Insurance Companies

August 12th, 2014 |

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The best part of living in today’s world is that a lot of information is easily available onthe Internet. You can have a library worth of information on any particular topic with the simple click of a mouse. However, it is being able to use this information properly that will help you.

If you are searching for car insurance, you ought to ensure that you compare insurance providers as best as you can. The easiest way to do this is reading online reviews. These reviews give you a picture of the insurance company through the eyes of experts in the industry as well as other consumers like you.

Why reviews are a great source of information

Reviews are written by people who have first-hand information about a specific product, service or company. In most cases, these peoplehave been previous customersin the company or are professionals in the industry and have gathered information through research. Reviews usually carry a lot of information regarding products, services or companies.

How to compare companies using reviews

  1. Use many different reviews

Don’t trust the opinion of just one person. Reviews are usually subjective. They are the opinion of the writer and may not be entirely true for someone else. Some unscrupulous companies will even hire people to write positive reviews for them to boost their ratings.

It is therefore important to search for many reviews on any single company. This will ensure that you get a more accurate picture of what the insurance company is like.

  1. Use price comparison sites

Price comparison sites offer you the opportunity to compare insurance policies side by side. This means that you can compare what the insurance policies have to offer in greater detail. Many price comparison sites also offer reviews by consumers. Read through the reviews to find out what the consumers experienced when dealing with the company you are interested in purchasing an insurance policy from.

  1. Ensure that the policies you are comparing are equal

It is important to ensure that the policies you compare match up. They should offer similar protection. Go through various quotes to get the policy that matches your needs as closely as possible.

  1. Visit your state’s department of insurance website

Find out if the company is legitimate by visiting your state’s department of insurance website. This website should provide you with information on all the legitimate insurance providers in the state. Verify the information provided on reviews with that provided by the authorities. This information should include office addresses, contact numbers and any other registered information.

  1. Find out about the company’s financial situation

You wouldn’t want to invest your money in an insurance policy from which you won’t be able to make a claim. It is important to ensure that the company you are interested in is financially stable. You can find out the financial standing of the company by approaching credit rating agencies for information on the insurance provider.


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