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June 20th, 2014 |

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image00I recently heard (on Twitter, ironically) about a new program for crowdfunders called Crowd Chirp. Its a way for crowdfunders to easily target potential backers on Twitter! Based on my seven years of experience doing social media marketing, this is a great service for crowdfunders that can really help them get the word out on Twitter quickly and cheaply. Twitter itself is a great way for a any crowdfunding project to get new backers. However, using Twitter effectively requires not just time and energy but also specialized software and expertise. That’s why I really like the idea of CrowdChirp’s fast and easy approach. I quickly discovered that its a fantastic tool to increase exposure thats also super simple to use. You can launch a full targeted twitter marketing campaign for your crowdfunding project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo by simply entering a few of your best keywords into their program, that’s it! Crowd Chirp does all the technical stuff in the background to target your potential backers and bring them to your campaign.  

Whether you’re new to crowdfunding or a total pro, your can’t deny how useful CrowdChirp can be for your crowdfunding campaign. If you’re using Twitter for Kickstarter or Twitter for Indiegogo, now you can harness the power of crowdchirp to keep your Twitter marketing not only powerful but consistent. Thanks to the program’s innovative marketing methods, you can easily turn your project into a success with Twitter users. By tapping into the world of social media you can develop a loyal following and generate unprecedented amounts of interest in your crowdfunding campaign.

Although this on its own is a wonderful feat, the real magic lies in the service’s simplicity. What makes Crowd Chirp such an effective tool is its ability to utilize social media for crowdfunding purposes. While Indiegogo and Kickstarter both have a rather large user base, neither can match up to Twitter. With hundreds of millions of different people online, Twitter is a site with huge amounts of marketing potential. It can reach a much greater audience than most other webpages can. The staff at Crowd Chirp are well aware of this. They have specifically created their program to tap into the huge marketplace that Twitter has created and in the most effective way possible for a crowdfunder. Their efforts are designed to bring new backers to your campaign everyday. Who wouldn’t want that?

Harnessing the raw power contained within Twitter is something that is likely to seem very difficult to most people. Crowd Chirp understands that with hundreds of millions of users from all around the world it would cost a small fortune to address everyone and show them all advertisements. This is completely true. It is also something that  Crowd Chirp avoids doing. The service isn’t about showing a product to everyone. It is about showing a product to the right people. By only targeting those who would already be interested in the subject that is being advertised Crowd Chirp saves its users a lot of time and money. The targeted tweets go to the right people and never get wasted. It’s a perfect set up.

In order to target the right people Crowd Chirp uses advanced algorithems that allow their tweets to be matched with twitter users who are already talking about similar subjects. This is what makes the service work so well. It gets delivered to the people who are most likely to support it and to become loyal backers of the crowdfunding campaign. They already have an interest and Crowd Chirp simply shows them that there is something they enjoy that needs some support. The targeted tweet as a link to the crowdfunding campaign page on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and gives a call to action for the twitter user to click the link and go right to your campaign page!

CrowdChirp is a wonderful tool that has revolutionized both Twitter for Kickstarter and Twitter for Indiegogo. It has allowed campaings to find the funding that they need without having to sacrifice immense amounts of time and money. By consistently and accurately targeting the exact people who are interested in a project or service, their program is a valuable tool to any crowdfunding campaign trying to get new backers from Twitter!

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