Attention age marketing by Edward Azorbo

June 20th, 2014 |

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There’s a new type of money being exchanged between customers and businesses.

In the era of reality shows, an era in which anyone can become famous through the internet, attention is becoming more and more like a form of money.

The more attention you can garner on the market, the bigger your audience is, and the more opportunities you have to generate sales.

Houdini understood this; he was a Marketing genius. Eighty-six years after his death, he’s the most famous magician in the history of the world. That takes some serious Marketing…

One of his Marketing tools was public acts that he performed free of charge. The press was guaranteed to write about them.

For example, he went to a police station and asked the actual police officers to put their best handcuffs on him. He then proceeded to escape and, of course, he got the press to write about it.

Gaga understands this concept. Gaga is an expert at it. She has more than 30 million Twitter followers and 53 million Facebook fans.

She knows that attention is the new money; in a hyper-competitive industry and in the era of artist factories like American Idol, good edsongs are no longer enough.

If you still doubt the power of this new money, you just have to look at other examples like Paris Hilton.

She’s famous for not doing anything, yet she charges for her appearances. Only in the era of attention-as-money is that possible.

OK, let me leave you with three ideas that you can apply to your Online Marketing.

  1. You can’t be generic

Boredom is death… In the end, you have to be different. I’m always surprised by how many people organize an entire online business thinking only about SEO.

Take, for example, the names or We’re starting out poorly if we create our brand name to fit SEO.

Imagine if Google was called

Your product, business, and web page can’t be generic. They have to be different.

  1. You have to be the best

Paris Hilton is the exception. Houdini and Gaga know this principle. Attention combined with really being the best is an atomic bomb.

Be an expert in the areas of Marketing and sales.

Buy yourself an iPad, download books from, and learn speed-reading techniques. Then proceed to drink in at least one book per day.

And then put it into practice; then you’ll see how you start to dominate whatever you need to dominate.

You have to do something with this attention, so you need to have at least a few Online Marketing and sales resources.

There’s nothing sadder than somebody who has millions and millions of YouTube shares and doesn’t know how to use them to make money.

  1. You have to be authentic

Nothing sells better than authenticity. It’s the real thing, and people can sense it.

Besides, it’s a thousand times more fun when your true values coincide with what you’re selling.

OK, now you understand…

If you want to be a crack Online Marketer, you should incorporate the new money into your arsenal.

Do you want to create an online audience? You should start to accumulate the new online money: attention.

But watch out… Make sure you’re offering something of value, and you’ll make the sales.

By Edward Azorbo


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