The Photo Battle: Are your friend’s facebook photos hot or not?

November 6th, 2012 |

About is all about being plugged into social media. We strive to provide informative, relevant, and unique perspectives in the world of social media. – discover your Top 10 photos on facebook and vote on your friend’s Top 10 facebook photos.

With 250,000 million photos upload everyday on facebook, it hard to view all your friends photos and you are bound to miss out on some of their best photos if you’re not on facebook 24/7.

Last Month, the Canadian based startup, a website that lets facebook users vote on their friend’s favourite photos, launched with a vision that it should be easy to find and view a facebook users Top 10 photos. The Photo Battle believes that their battle voting platform will encourage facebook users to decide what friends photos are Hot and Not.

“Nowadays, there is so much garbage on facebook. Too many people use facebook for the wrong reasons like self promotion, sending annoying game invites or posting way too many status updates.” says Aaron Lindsay, founder of The Photo Battle. “We want to highlight what we believe is the best part of facebook… beautiful photos.”

The battle voting platform is a simple and easy way for facebook users to vote on their friend’s facebook photos. The Photo Battle connects with facebook to access your friend’s photos. Next, you’ll see a battle; photos posted by two of your facebook friends, asking you to choose which photo you like better. Click one, and the site will show you how many votes (battles won) both photos have received. Click on top photos, and you can view your Top 10 facebook photos and your friends Top 10 photos on facebook.

The Photo Battle also has public battles, where users can create and share their own Photo Battles like, Who’s the hotter celebrity?, Who’s the better singer? Or Who’s the best athlete?. Not only does The Photo Battle track the popular vote but it also allows you to view your facebook friends answers to popular questions.

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