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July 18th, 2012 |

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There seems to be a resonance of sorts going on with Social Media Advertising. Some companies are creating new and unique methods for spreading a product, service, or message to the masses and more than ever Social Media seems to be the medium these companies are using. The problem has still not been entirely solved, which is “where can companies of all sizes find the best possible ROI from Social Media Marketing?”

That’s where comes into the picture.

The site is brand new in fact they are just launching into public beta as I write this. What they are promising is what really catches my eye.

  1. They are the only social media ad network that is accepting all the top social media networks.
  2. Advertisers can choose which network they want to advertise on (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger and more), and through their super slick fraud prevention visitors who come from outside sources are not allowed.
  3. Publishers are paid weekly with a super low $1 minimum threshold.

Let’s face it; Social Media Marketing is just going to go up and up. Spending will increase, users will increase and there are no signs of social media leaving our lives any time soon. Based on that, I honestly believe SociBuzz is poised at the right time with the right concept.

Go check out today!

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