How to Build Social Media Dashboard and Automate Monitoring

July 13th, 2012 |

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As a small business owner, I have few digital properties and I believe this to be true for anyone with a little bit of social presence.

Digital properties

  • 2 websites
  • 2 twitter accounts
  • 1 facebook fan page
  • 2 blogs

Plus there are so many other things that go into maintaining an online presence.

Every smart business owner would like to stay on top of all the metrics that represent the “overall online presence”

So what are the metrics I would like to monitor?

  • 2 websites
    • Track visitor/pageviews for 2 different Google analytics profiles
  • 2 Twitter accounts
    • Track follower count, number of tweets etc
  • 1 Facebook page
    • Track Shares, followers, likes, comments etc
  • 2 Blogs
    • Track RSS subscriber counts, circulation etc

So there are atleast 20 different Key performance indicators (KPI) that I need to monitor atleast on a weekly basis (if not daily).

I also monitor few other metrics related to my competition but the gist of the dashboard is to give me a “Birds-Eye-View” of my social presence and remind me “How pathetic my marketing efforts are”.

Here is how my dashboard looks like. Nothing fancy, just bare metrics in simple table structure.

social media dashboard
Just like my dashboard, anyone can build a similar dashboard by creating a free account at

Here is a shortlist of things that you can easily track

+ Google Spreadsheet
+ Google Analytics
+ Google Pagespeed
+ Google Plus
+ Twitter
+ Facebook
+ Pagerank
+ Backlinks
+ Github
+ Alexa
+ Feedburner

If you really value your time, go build a dashhboard for yourself, set it on a BIG screen TV or a separate monitor and get back to business.

Here is the link to my LIVE Social"> (Note how the dashboard is also tracking the competitors social activity)


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