R.I.P. Kindle. Long Live Social Media On Alternative Devices!

May 5th, 2010 |


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Amazon released news that their prized e-reader “Kindle” will gain the ability to use Facebook and Twitter in a very toned down version of the sites. It was just a few years ago that Amazon amazed the world by releasing the reader that often gained attention in subways and parks; it was the future for some and many thought we were moving into a “Minority Report” kind of lifestyle.  However, we didn’t, and the Kindle annoyed me more than it amazed me. I’d much rather the cool, crisp touch of a paper rather than poking away at a lifeless white keyboard. Also, with a newspaper, you are a lot less likely to be a potential target for a serial mugger and you won’t look like a dork. Which begs the question, do we really need social media on the Kindle? I hate to say it Jeff Bezos, but do we really even need your Kindle?

Social media, and other apps, are more user friendly on other devices

To answer the first question, no. If you are technologically minded enough to know what a Kindle is and how to use one, chances are you already have a Smartphone. The point of  the social media application which Kindle is trying to employ is for you to be able to share passages from books with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. While that’s a sweet notion, I’m sure my friends are busy spending time tending tstray cows in Farmville and doing social creeping  on others peoples profiles. They don’t have time to see my favorite passage from the Nicholas Sparks book that I’m enthralled with at the moment. I kid. People just aren’t going to want a bargain version of social media sites. We’re too advanced to accept it at this point.

Secondly, there’s something called an iPad and, I hate to admit it, but the “over sized iPhone” is pretty awesome. What makes it more awesome, you ask? Raymond goes more into it, but I can watch movies, play games, and use the Kindle App!  This allows me to scroll through selections of books from Amazon, in color.  I can also check out my favorite social media platforms in depth, all for around the same price as a Kindle.

I’m sure there’s some tree huggers out there advocating that their Kindle is saving the environment, but that’s why we have an iPad. And then there are those who hate Apple, but get over it. Other manufacturers have also taken bites out of the e-reader market like Sony, Barnes & Noble, and Smartphones which have e-reader capabilities.  These days, walking around with a Kindle is like seeing Zack Morris carrying around that giant cellular phone. It was a cool gadget at the moment but that moment has come and gone. RIP Kindle.

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Sunil Ramsamooj
  • Kaitain

    Never read so much misguided fanboy crap in my life.

    Nobody is using the backlit iPad to read books. It's a nice portable web browser and app device. The Kindle, meanwhile, goes from strength to strength, dominating the ebook market. Sorry!

  • i stands for idiot

    I'm getting a Kindle next week so screw your opinion toss pot! I'm more technologically minded than you! Hence me not having an iPhone or iPad or even iPod because I'm not an idiot who needs a device that basically says I'm an idiot, the i stands for idiot! 😀

  • http://athomemomblog.com Genesis

    There's a bit of a price difference between the Kindle and the iPad. I don't own a SmartPhone either, though I consider myself to be relatively up to date on electronics. So, for me, the Kindle is a good AFFORDABLE option. I don't need a gazillion apps and fancy stuff, I prefer to keep it simple. So, I'll be picking up my Kindle in a month and enjoying reading away from my computer screen.

  • Recycelegeorge

    “a potential target for a serial mugger”? Someone is gonna bother mugging u for a Kindle? Do not think so.