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February 19th, 2010 |


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Regardless of how rich or poor anyone is, we all love to save a little money – even if we’re just going to spend it on something else. Since we all probably shelled out a fair chunk of cash on our mobile devices, it’s good news that we can use them to start earning some of that money back. Therefore, it seems only natural for me share some finds.

Yowza! (Free,
This coupon app was created by a Twitter triumvirate that includes Heroes star Greg Grunberg (affectionately known as ‘Grunny’ to his fans). Basically what the app does is incorporate stores one by one and the stores publish exclusive coupons to the application. You bring in your device, show it to the cashier and bang. You’ve saved. Additionally, the app can show you what deals are available based on where you are at the moment and how far away they are. In the beginning, this app was slightly useless since only a small handful of stores were on it, especially if you lived outside of L.A. However, activity is definitely starting to pick up as Grunny painstakingly pursues merchants to add. Your results will vary from city to city, but since it’s a free app it’s basically no harm no foul if you download it and don’t use it. This app is definitely worth giving a try.

Cheap Gas! (Free,
Cheap Gas is a great little app that simply locates you and then tells you where the cheapest, nearest gas station is on a map. You can’t get any simpler than that and you can’t help but save money this way!

Mint (Free, is a website that helps you to organize your finances and maintain a budget. It’s very sophisticated web-based software that simultaneously logs in to all your banking and credit accounts online and allows you to categorize your expenses, tally up your budget, watch your savings, and see where your money is going. It will even warn you if you go over your budget, if there’s unusual spending on your account, or if your accounts have low balances. Naturally, the mobile application does all the same things, only it’s on the go. For anyone thinking of trying it, I’d definitely recommend using the Mint app in conjunction with the website, otherwise the amount of information could be overwhelming on a mobile device alone. But if you’re willing to put some time in it, Mint is the perfect app to help you get a hold of your finances.

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