Sarah Palin Attacks on Facebook? You Betcha

February 15th, 2010 |


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This past week, Sarah Palin took to Facebook to chastise Whitehouse Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for using “f–king retarded” to describe some liberals in a meeting. The note from Palin is called “Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?

Rahm Emanuel used the aforementioned words last August at a weekly strategy session with liberal groups after hearing that some of them were planning on airing ads that would attack conservative Democrats who were shying away from President Obama’s healthcare overhaul. When news broke that Emanuel had used those words, there was little media reaction until Palin came out and posted a note on Facebook, exciting a media frenzy. I’m not defending Rahm Emanuel by any means, but it probably isn’t the best idea to go on to Facebook to call out the Whitehouse Chief of Staff. There are two major reasons why Palin shouldn’t have used Facebook to speak her peace.

First, Rahm Emanuel doesn’t have time to read notes on Facebook. He has a real job, something Sarah Palin had as the governor of Alaska, but quit after people began wondering if she was going a good job, coupled with surrounding controversary. If she really wanted to talk to Rahm, she could have set up an interview on Fox News to call him out. The only thing worse than making a note about someone on Facebook is doing it to someone who doesn’t even have a Facebook page. Calling someone out in a Facebook note is better left to co-captains on a cheerleading squad fighting over the star quarterback.

And lastly, you have a voice on Fox News. Seriously, they just hired her to give commentary. Sarah Palin, you have the best social media tool at your disposal. A TELEVISION show on a major network. I understand that Facebook is a large media source and you have over one million fans but, quite frankly, it kind of backfired. You have over 14,000 people who “like” your note to Rahm and over 8,000 comments. However, a of those comments are negative. If you don’t believe me, go to her page and read them for yourself. It’s not pretty.

The moral of the story?  Facebook is great for social networking and handling stray pink cows in Farmville, not for calling out political opponents.

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